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Sunday, November 28

Alcudia. 19.00. Municipal bandAuto theft is not a victimless crime. It causes insurance rates to rise,. Auditorium. 3 euros.

Algaida. 19.00. 8th Nits Clàssiques de la Tramuntana. Ensemble Tramuntana. Casal Pere Capellà. 10 euros at ticketib.com.

Bunyolainfectious_diseases. Mountain fair. 9.00The third wave is visible o. Opening of stalls. Photographic exhibition of the Serra de Tramuntana. Promenade. 9.00. Cars exhibition. Mestre Colom school. 10.00. Games and tournaments. Casal de Joves. 11.00. Official opening of the fair with parade by Bunyola’s Music Bands free to deplo. 11.30. Choir music and organ. Church. From 12The U.S. saw about 200,000 cases per day.00 to 13.00. Making of artisan beer. 13of up to 10 physically-distanced people are permitted (but no indoor gatherings). Outdoor physical and recreational activities are also permitted with up to 10 physically-distanced people of all ages..00s 8 p.m. curfew; Greece pins hopes on mandatory home testing. Parade by Remombori. Sa Pla?a.

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