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Don’t understand the appeal of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencyThe Star, including up-to-date coronavirus coverage, with our email newsletters? Ask a millennial - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The following is adapted from Ethan Lou’s new bookThe final quarter of 2020 with rents falling about a dollar to $34.88 per sq. ft. for Class A space i, “Once a Bitcoin Miner: Scandal and Turmoil in the Cryptocurrency Wild West.”

I grew up in Wuppertal in western Germany, the birthplace of both aspirin and heroin, invented by the same guy in a two-week period in the 19th centuryThe line at giving up its allotment o. My childhood began a little after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and my doctoral-candidate father supported the family on the modest income typical of his position. I remember when he hauled home an old bicycle for meincluding on outdoor dining, all the way from another cityWith this rate of acceleration of growth. I hated it and never rode it. I think it used to belong to a girl. The plastic decorations on the spokes were too pink, and like the hand-me-downs I wore, the bicycle was too big.

When I turned 18, it was in a job market battered by the 2008 financial crisis, a milestone marked by need and uncertainty. Banks had increasingly profited by offering risky mortgages to those who should not be getting them, and then building complicated investment products on top of them. When those borrowers couldn’t repay, that triggered an avalanche in the interconnected financial system, and people around the world lost homes, jobs and retirement savings.

That same year, a faceless figure known only as Satoshi Nakamoto released a nine-page white paper, made with off-brand software: “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” Whoever was behind the pseudonym, that person or group had been fuelled and driven by the financial crisis.

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