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With the deepening of the policy adjustment of domestic power battery industry, the focus of competition among battery enterprises has gradually shifted from the dispute over capacity to the dispute over technology and capital. Under the new situation, the power expansion of Yinlong, Funeng and Yiwei lithium energy actually provides three different "broken situation" samples for other domestic battery enterprises

recently, Yinlong's 15 billion yuan effort to build a Yinlong new energy (Luoyang) industry city integration industrial park in Luoyang has exploded a circle of friends. Yinlong has signed three framework agreements with Luoyang to build a production base for new energy vehicles and titanium series batteries in Luoyang

since Dong Mingzhu coerced a large amount of funds into Yinlong at the end of last year, Yinlong has started to soar all the way. In the past eight months, Yinlong has gathered 11 Industrial Park bases with a high-intensity investment rhythm of 10 billion, of which 8 new bases have a total investment of more than 80 billion. In addition, its production capacity layout in Hefei, Anhui Province has been preliminarily finalized, and the Changsha base is also under planning

as one of the representatives committed to building an industrial closed loop, the capacity of Yinlong's new energy industrial park has been planned to reach 136000 vehicles, and the capacity target in 2020 is 100000 vehicles. According to this data, it is estimated that its battery capacity expansion will benefit from it. 4. The main product machinery configuration of thin film tensile testing machine: points

with the stable position of battery enterprises such as Ningde times and BYD, Yinlong seems to have made a hidden way of blood. But in fact, in 2017, which is regarded as a "watershed", the battery companies that are ready to move are far more than Yinlong. The performance of Funeng and Yiwei lithium energy in the first half of the year is also very eye-catching

according to the data of lithium battery research institute of advanced industry (GGII), Funeng ranked 16th in terms of battery shipment in China in 2016, and jumped to 5th in the first half of the year; Yiwei lithium energy ranked far behind the 20th in terms of shipments in 2016, and reached the top 10 in the first half of the year. Under the domestic power battery pattern of the strong and constant, this breakthrough really makes other power battery enterprises jealous

according to the analysis of GGII, with the deepening of the policy adjustment of domestic power battery industry, the focus of competition among battery enterprises has gradually shifted from the competition of production capacity to the competition of technology and capital. Under the new situation, Yinlong The expansion of Funeng and Yiwei lithium energy actually provides three different "broken situation" samples for other domestic battery enterprises:

Yinlong: tailor-made industrial closed loop

creating industrial closed loop is not a new word in the field of power battery. BYD and Waterma are both successful pioneers in this field, but observe the layout law of Yinlong in Zhuhai, Nanjing, Lanzhou, Chengdu, Tianjin, Sichuan and other places, It is not difficult to find its own unique attributes:

, positioning at the second and third tier cities. This is different from BYD's strategy of positioning the front line, which alleviates the conflict of interest to a certain extent, weakens the difficulty of promotion, and is conducive to the rapid promotion of the model

, cooperate with local governments to promote new energy special vehicles, sanitation vehicles, pickup trucks and other new energy models with commercial vehicles as the core. Choose to cooperate with the government. While obtaining local preferential policies, Yinlong has the opportunity to integrate local automobile resources. For example, Yinlong has made actual progress in integrating Lanzhou bus and Yutong Bus, acquiring Nanjing bus, etc. At the same time, combined with the current national conditions, the field of public commercial vehicles will be dominated by the government for a long time, which ensures the interest space of Yinlong to a certain extent

of course, the high-intensity large-scale investment also makes bystanders sweat for Yinlong. Can the company's funds support such a large stall? Statistics show that Yinlong's funds mainly come from two ways. The first is Miss Dong's self invested funds and the funds gathered around Miss Dong, such as the billions of investments by Wang Jianlin, Liu qiangdong and others, and the 20 billion yuan orders from Gree Electric appliances

secondly, China CITIC Bank, China Construction Bank, Ping An Bank, Zheshang Bank, Guangzhou rural commercial bank and other banks have provided tens of billions of financial support to Yinlong. Among them, the credit line of China CITIC Bank alone is as high as 27.6 billion yuan

at present, these funds temporarily meet the intensity of Yinlong's "horse racing enclosure"

another noteworthy information is that in May 2017, Yinlong handled the counseling and filing registration with Guangdong securities regulatory bureau and actively impacted the IPO. Once it successfully landed in the capital market, the problem of capital shortage will be alleviated

however, it should be recognized that this "money burning mode" tests the operation ability of capital, and enterprises with weak financial strength need to choose carefully

Funeng: binding with major customers/popular models

Funeng, which has always kept a low profile, rose against the market in the first quarter under the overall downturn of the power battery market, and achieved the third good result in shipments, second only to Ningde times and BYD. Its strong rise is closely related to the rapid sales of BAIC ec180, a A00 class pure electric car

in the first half of the year, BAIC ec180 ranked sixth in the global electric vehicle sales ranking with 17939 vehicles, which is expected to maintain sales growth throughout the year, and the main supplier of ec180 power battery is Funeng. As the first batch of industrialized ternary lithium battery companies in the world, the unit energy density of Funeng products can exceed 20% of that of Japanese and Korean products, and more than 30% to 40% after being grouped

at present, the production line of Funeng technology is in full production, and goes all out to supply the power battery required by BAIC ec180. It can be said that binding the popular ec180 is the key point for Funeng to counter attack

in addition, because the parent company is located in the United States, Funeng has a good export base and effectively expanded overseas market segments. 2. Transmission mechanism: the transmission part adopts arc synchronous toothed belt. In the 2017 FIA electric formula Championship Monaco race, Funeng technology, as the only Chinese brand, participated in the competition, provided battery management for Monaco's top sports car brand venturi electric sports car, and won the fifth place among more than 20 teams

Yiwei lithium energy: stick to the way of technological victory

compared with the other two samples, the promotion path of Yiwei lithium energy is in line with the rules. Years of preparation in battery technology has made the outbreak in 2017 go with the flow

through the efficient management of intelligent manufacturing, Yiwei lithium energy earlier shortened the manufacturing process by half, increased the excellent rate to 95%, increased the capacity consistency by 67%, and reduced the internal resistance to 30% of the traditional mode. In 2016, it ranked first in the number of power battery assembly models for three consecutive times

at the beginning of 2017, Yiwei lithium energy developed two high-energy density square lithium iron phosphate batteries lfah and lfah, which passed the mandatory inspection and test of automotive power battery products GB/t-2015 in January, and obtained the inspection report issued by the national bus quality supervision and inspection center

in the next three years, Yiwei lithium energy said that it would gradually increase the energy density of lfah and lfah again, and strive to increase the energy density of the cell to more than 160wh/kg. After grouping, the energy density would reach more than 130wh/kg

according to the data feedback of the 2017 "national tour research activity on good products of lithium battery supply chain" initiated by Gaogong lithium battery, the energy density of Yiwei lithium iron phosphate battery system reached 115wh/kg, which reached the upper limit of the national subsidy standard The specific energy of 6ah ternary battery is more than 200wh/kg, and the energy density of the system is as high as 125wh/kg

technical strength enables Yiwei lithium to win customer support. At present, Yiwei lithium energy has established good cooperative relations with Linyang energy, Lanwei Xinyuan, Chang'an, Yutong Bus, Chongqing Yujie, Nanjing Jinlong, Xiamen Jinlv, Zhongtai, etc. Nanjing Jinlong alone will purchase 1 billion yuan worth of power batteries from Yiwei lithium energy in 2017

in the first half of the year, Yiwei lithium energy achieved a revenue of 1.344 billion, a year-on-year increase of 63.65%; The net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company was 233 million, an increase of 161.37% over the same period last year

in addition to continuing to dig deeply in the relatively mature field of battery technology, Yiwei lithium energy has also actively entered its framework, using ultra light carbon fiber composites to explore new technologies. In June 2017, Yiwei lithium energy invested 2 billion yuan to build four 21700 and 18650 compatible cylindrical batteries with an annual output of 2.5gwh in Jinquan, Hubei Province, which was officially put into operation, becoming the first local battery enterprise in China to put into operation 21700 batteries

at present, Yiwei lithium energy is actively reserving the energy storage battery process. It has built a 2mwh intelligent micro energy storage system, delivered a number of small and medium-sized energy storage systems, and obtained energy management service orders


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