Can the tariff reduction affect the spot trading o

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Can the tariff reduction affect the spot trading of acrylonitrile

there was less trade in Northeast Asia spot market this week, and trade activities were postponed to the end of the year. Although the ABS market price rose slightly, traders said that they did not play any role in promoting the demand for acrylonitrile. As China recently announced that the import tariff would be reduced from 10% to 6.5% in 2002, the impact on the market is uncertain, and the buyer takes a wait-and-see attitude. January and February are usually the off-season of seasonal demand for servo cylinders. Traders said that the reduction of tariffs does not stimulate the demand of the Chinese market, but on the other hand, they also believe that the market demand in January may also recover. Due to speculative trade, many buyers expect the reduction of tariffs and postpone the purchase in November and December to January. It is said that the bid price is in US dollars/ton (CFR North Asia), and the seller said he was unwilling to sell at such a low price. The contract price in North Asia is still under negotiation and is expected to decline

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