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Nowadays, more and more people will choose customized wardrobe. We know that this kind of wardrobe is the most popular form now, and it can meet the needs of different groups. Because of so many benefits, many brands have appeared in the market. Now let's introduce the top ten brand ranking recommendations of customized wardrobe

top ten brands of wardrobe: (ranked in no order)

1. Canoya wardrobe

canoya wardrobe is the first customized product in China, and this brand has also been developed for more than ten years, so the products produced by this company also meet the environmental protection standards of E1 or higher, which makes consumers feel more relieved and comfortable to use

2. Houlaike wardrobe

I believe you will not be unfamiliar with this brand. This brand is the concept of customized wardrobe put forward earlier in China, so it is also a leading brand in the industry

3. Lacca integrated wardrobe

lacca customized wardrobe is an Italian brand, which was established in 1926, and then entered the export market, Guangzhou market, in 1999. Through years of development, it has been rated as “ Ranking of top ten brands of customized wardrobe and top ten brands of panel furniture &rdquo

4. Sofia integrated wardrobe

Sofia customized wardrobe is a French brand, and this brand was also established in 1981. It can be said that this brand also has a long history in the industry, because it has exquisite production technology and perfect after-sales service, it has always been recognized and loved by consumers

5. Stanley wardrobe

Stanley wardrobe is also the pioneer of the wardrobe industry. This brand also has a high reputation in the industry. At the same time, it has also won the ranking title of the top ten customized wardrobe brands

6. Schneiman wardrobe

schneiman wardrobe is a brand that adopts the advantages of Chinese and Western cultures in its design, and can also meet the emotional needs of Chinese traditional culture. The products designed in this way will be relatively avant-garde. After years of development, its sales network covers many provinces and cities across the country

7. Europay customized wardrobe

europay is a brand that we believe will not be unfamiliar with. It is a brand that adopts the technical advantages and style elements of similar industries at home and abroad. And this brand continues to create and enrich the connotation of the overall home, so that it can meet the needs of different consumers

8. Dinggu wardrobe

dinggu is a leading brand of decorative building materials home furnishing with equal emphasis on specialty and fashion. This brand strives to create fashionable, tasteful, comfortable and healthy home furnishing products

9. Guante wardrobe

speaking of guante wardrobe, this brand is a company engaged in the R & D, production and sales of customized wardrobe, bookcase and other supporting furniture. Its products are sold all over the country, and it is a trustworthy brand

10. Custom wardrobe with Danish style

the brand of Danish style is also well-known in the wardrobe industry, and the solid wood wardrobe and European style wardrobe produced by this brand can be said to be the best in the industry, and it is rated as: “ Dr. cabinet maker &rdquo

summary: This is about the ranking of the top ten brands of customized wardrobe. The above ranking of the top ten brands of customized wardrobe is in no order. You can choose according to your own needs when choosing, so that the selected wardrobe can meet your own needs. I hope the above introduction is helpful to you





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