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Doors and windows are an important bridge between human living environment and the outside world. Doors are the entrance and exit of homes, and windows are the entrance and exit of nature. Doors and windows enable us to enjoy the magical beauty of nature without leaving home, hold the sunny weather in our arms, and let the wind, rain, cold and summer retreat away

doors and windows are the security guards and guardians of the home. A superior door and window guards the safety of a family and determines the quality of life of a home

meizhixuan doors and windows has specialized in doors and windows for more than 20 years, and has ingeniously researched and developed high-quality doors and windows. The products have superior performances such as sound insulation and noise reduction, wind and rain protection, security and theft prevention, heat preservation and energy conservation, green environmental protection, etc., giving you a fashionable, environmental friendly, light luxury, elegant, quiet and comfortable high-quality home living space

then, it's also doors and windows. Why are doors and windows so excellent

superior sound insulation performance -- create a quiet and comfortable home for you

choosing professional customized doors and windows can not only decorate the home space well, but also provide you with a peaceful and quiet habitat in modern cities

meizhixuan doors and windows are made of aviation grade aluminum profiles, safe explosion-proof tempered glass, automobile grade sealing and sound insulation rubber strips, double insulation and noise reduction protection, and three-way sealing structure, which can effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves, block sound transmission, and effectively reduce noise by more than 40 dB

high standard security protection -- give you full security protection

we produce not only doors and windows, but also the safety of users. In today's complex society, safety issues can not be ignored. More attention should be paid to the selection of home doors and windows. Choosing high-quality doors and windows, not only the profiles should be solid and durable, but also the design of their anti-theft, anti-collision and anti falling performance is essential

meizhixuan doors and windows cooperates with German high-end hardware brands to develop hardware supporting products suitable for itself, continuously improve the integrity of doors and windows, adopt multi lock point design, extend the transmission rod, so that the external force is dispersed point by point, and reduce damage. In addition, it is equipped with tempered, bullet proof and other special glass to create first-class door and window safety, so that meizhixuan's safety system doors and windows live up to the name. At the same time, it adopts the patented technology of program-controlled hardware positioning, which is the first in China, Keep the production error within 0.3mm, ensure the precision and accuracy of hardware installation, and make the door and window products have better stability and durability. Anti theft, anti prying and anti falling multiple designs improve the overall safety performance of the system doors and windows

superior energy conservation -- give you the health and environmental protection you diligently pursue

in this era of pursuing healthy and environmental protection life, the selection of home doors and windows should also be healthy and environmental protection. Only with good air tightness, water tightness and thermal insulation can we better realize the green environmental protection and energy conservation of building doors and windows

meizhixuan doors and windows are made of heat-insulating bridge breaking aluminum profiles, and high-quality environmental protection sealed imported heat-insulating adhesive strips. While ensuring the effect of heat insulation, environmental protection, energy conservation and sound insulation are achieved, effectively blocking heat conduction, achieving the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer, reducing energy consumption expenditure for your home, and allowing you and your family to enjoy a comfortable quality life like spring all the year round

considerate service -- give you worry free one-stop service

one stop door and window customization service, online and offline diversified integration, so that you have no worry in the whole process of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales, and give you a more convenient and reassuring customization experience

meizhixuan doors and windows

pre-sales, free door-to-door measurement, and design customized schemes for doors and windows of the whole house according to customer needs

during the sale, terminal stores all over the country provide customers with one-stop services such as home delivery and door-to-door installation

after sales, all-round after-sales guarantee and perfect after-sales service system make you feel at ease and more at ease

beautiful doors and windows not only surpass ordinary doors and windows in performance, but also have originality in design and technology. These unparalleled advantages are inseparable from the pursuit and persistence of beauty choice in the spirit of ingenuity, excellent quality, exquisite workmanship, advanced technology and humanized design




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