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From February 20 to February 24, 2017, elites from all over the northern sales area of oshono gathered together with passion to hold oshono cloud Business School (Northern Branch) and the 2017 provincial linkage launch conference

the spring breeze blows and the war drums beat

from February 20 to February 24, 2017, elites from all over the northern sales area of osheno gathered together with passion, and successively held osheno cloud Business School (Northern Branch) and the 2017 provincial linkage launch conference to unify the fighting ideas, adjust the fighting rhythm, and sound the battle horn

with the help of famous teachers, gold medal training

in the face of many difficulties, to get out of the haze of the building materials market in 2017, we must have new marketing models and sales tools. Oushennuoyun business school has been committed to cultivating high-quality and professional ceramic tile sales talents by means of information technology, cloud computing, cloud design and big data application. This cloud Business School kick-off meeting specially invited two gold medal lecturers to give lectures. The course content covers practical courses such as team building, terminal sales skills and practical exercises, comments and discussions, so that nearly 200 sales elites from 38 places in osheno's northern two provinces returned with a full load

famous teacher of Shandong station: teacher Tian Liang

a gold medal lecturer with 12 years of experience in the home building materials industry, teacher Tian Liang conducted a series of training for everyone at Shandong station, such as "team building and mentality training", "how to keep customers in the store for an hour", "shopping guide and sales skills"

teacher Tian Liang shared various sales skills and dialogue skills with you about the successful cases and vivid and humorous speech. In the two-day training course, there were 80 people in the classroom. No one called, no one left, no one left. All the staff were in high spirits and kept taking notes

famous teacher of Hebei station: Mr. Xu Dahai

Mr. Xu Dahai of Hebei station has 10 years of front-line sales and management experience. He not only brought excellent ceramic tile sales skills courses to the students of Ou Shennuo, but also did mentality training on execution and responsibility for the students, making everyone become masters in all aspects from team building, guest retention methods, order forcing skills to price negotiation

during the training, the students listened carefully and actively participated in the interaction. Some even recorded the classroom voice, "I'm afraid I'll forget the dry goods taught by the tutor. I want it to be recorded for future learning. At the same time, I also want to share the recording with other colleagues, so that we can all become the top sellers of orders!"

cheetah linkage, climbing the peak

at the same time, the opening linkage of the two northern provinces in 2017 has also been officially launched. Mr. Huang LANGPING, manager of the northern region of Oushennuo and Dean of the northern branch of cloud business school, delivered a passionate speech at the kick-off meeting, calling on everyone to roll up their sleeves with full passion and work hard! Ms. Zhang Ai, the manager of the planning department of Oushennuo, and Mr. Wu Haotong, the marketing instructor of the planning department, conducted detailed new product training and policy explanations for the sales areas of dealers, making the province's linked sales weapons more sharp

Mr. Huang LANGPING, manager of northern region of osheno and President of northern branch of cloud business college, Ms. Zhang Ai, manager of Planning Department of osheno, vowed to win the first battle, and the soldiers were like rainbow. After several days of training and encouragement, dealer teams in osheno's northern two provinces invested in the opening war of 2017 with high fighting spirit and spirit, taking impassioned oaths and signing military orders one after another

Shandong station kick-off meeting site

Shandong station sales elites unanimously expressed their determination to go all out to bring this event to the citizens of Shandong Province better, so that everyone can really enjoy the benefits and concessions of osheno's new year promotion

Hebei Provincial linkage kick-off meeting site

the sales elite of Hebei station signed the first military order of the new year with passion and dream. The voice of "ensure to complete the task, never make excuses" was continuous at the venue, and the momentum was overwhelming

wash the dust, play the song of triumph, and share the joy of success

light the beacon, sound the horn, and beat the war drum

the elites of Ou Shennuo have embarked on the battle of 2017. In the coming month, they will work hard, attack cities and occupy land, sing a song of triumph with proud achievements, and start the first battle of the New Year




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