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"Hearing her daughter say so, I think all the hard work in these two months is worth it!" A female owner of mustard happily confided to mustard designer

"hearing her daughter say so, I think all the hard work in these two months is worth it!" A female owner of muster's whole wood home decoration happily confided to muster's designer

this owner is very close to mustard. The hostess, who has lived in California for 8 years, likes American style home furnishings very much. After the villa was built, she called Mustard's designer when searching for "one-stop supporting custom home furnishings" on the website; After that, it was half a year. Until she went to a friend's family banquet, she saw her friend's American home decoration in Dongguan Jinghu garden. When she asked, she knew that it was decorated by muster Dongguan store. On the second day, she firmly believed in handing over the house to muster Dongguan store for decoration

in the design and planning of this private residence located in the huangqishan area of Dongguan, muster focused on the public area on the first floor and the master bedroom space on the third floor according to the needs of the owner. Must made a little transformation of the space, constructed a comfortable and bright super large porch, made the living room space more open and atmospheric, and returned to the three good lighting of the original villa

because the living room area has two oversized French windows, in order to meet the owner's expectations and needs of watching TV in the living room, Munster chose to plan a half height TV wall in front of the left French window, which is easy to be disturbed by the neighbors' line of sight. After careful calculation, it will not completely block the daylighting, but also allow the owner to move freely in the room without interference; The right French window has a fence and garden outside, so it retains the integrity of the window and large-area lighting, allowing the living room to give full play to its due openness and atmosphere

at the stairway entrance to the master bedroom on the third floor, a small porch and storage room that can be rotated are specially planned to increase storage and provide a little more cushioning for the moving line of life. Muster designed the master bedroom space into three blocks: bedroom, study and cloakroom. In order to restore the lighting on the second floor of the original villa, muster moved the original main wall of the head of the bed towards the direction of the stairs and backward, opened the sealing wall to expose the original large window, and planned the place with the best lighting as the study, separated from the sleeping space with a glass screen. The semi open design made the master bedroom space more layered and more comfortable. The space behind the main wall at the head of the bed with poor lighting is planned to be a super large open cloakroom and tea room

according to the needs of the owner, mustard has appropriately integrated Chinese elements. Most of the second floor is planned as a space for parents to meet friends, entertainment and sleep to show their filial piety. The living room furniture made of African chicken wing wood is as bright and clean as jade with exquisite carving and wood grain. There is also a large tea room next to the living room. The leisure facilities of the villa are also "high-end". There are not only luxurious billiard rooms and bar tables, but also spacious home cinemas

when the decoration was completed, as soon as the owner's daughter, who was studying at Lanzhou University, entered the door of her new home, she was so excited that she shouted: Mom, it was really beautifully decorated. Did I go to the wrong door? Hearing her daughter say so, the hostess smiled happily: as long as the child likes it, no matter how hard and tired it is, it is worth it

as a tailor-made expert in villas, luxury houses, high-end foreign houses, private clubs, star hotels, high-grade and personalized home furnishings (good at European, American, Chinese, French and other styles), "most · Mustard" integrates "six functions" of home furnishing consultants, conceptual design, overall supporting, customized production, distribution and installation, and after-sales care, leading the trend of China's overall customized home furnishings, In May, 2015, it was ranked first in the "2015" innovation · responsibility "top ten demonstration brands in China's customized home furnishing industry; In November, he was elected as the first executive chairman unit of China whole wood customization Association; In December, it won the three awards of "top ten solid wood whole house customization brands", "Gold Award for original design" and "preferred brand of Chinese villas and Mansions" in China's customized home furnishing industry; At the end of December, it ranked first among the top ten brands in the "top ten brands of whole wood home decoration" on the Chinese brand ranking network

most · mustard has established more than 40 large-scale brand flagship stores in large and medium-sized cities such as Nanjing, Changsha, Xi'an, Kunming, Hangzhou, Taiyuan, Suzhou, Zunyi, etc. in China to serve domestic customers wholeheartedly

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