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Model of house lease contract (a)

Party A (lessor):____________________________________

name of myself (legal representative):________ Title:________ Gender:________

address:____________________ Postal Code: \\:_________

Party B (lessee):____________________________________

name of myself (legal representative):________ Title:________ Gender:________

address:____________________ Postal Code: \\:__________

in accordance with the contract law of the people's Republic of China, the law of the people's Republic of China on the administration of urban real estate and other relevant laws and regulations, on the basis of equality, voluntariness and consensus through consultation, Party A and Party B have reached the following agreement on the lease of the following houses:

Article 1 basic information of the house

Party A's house (hereinafter referred to as the house) is located in; At____ Floor, a total of (sets), (rooms), the house structure is u, Building area____ Square meters (of which the actual building area is uu square meters, and the shared building area between public parts and public houses is uu square meters); The land use right occupied by the house is obtained by means of (transfer) (allocation); See Annex I for the plan of the house and Annex II for the attached facilities of the house; (house ownership certificate No. and land use certificate No.) (the property right certificate No. of American twin-screw extruder orders increased significantly in this quarter) is uu

Article 2 purpose of the house

the purpose of the house is

unless otherwise agreed by both parties, Party B shall not arbitrarily change the purpose of the house

Article 3 lease term

lease term from____ Year____ Month____ Day to day____ Year____ Month____ End of day

Article 4 rent

the monthly rent of the house is (currency)____ Yuan only

during the lease period, in case of any adjustment of relevant national policies, the rent standard shall be adjusted according to the new policies; In addition, the lessor shall not arbitrarily adjust the rent for any reason

Article 5 payment method

Party B shall pay a deposit (currency) to Party A on the date when the enterprise trend of this contract comes into effect: Portugal temp group newly launched the latest fan blade____ Yuan only. The rent shall be settled by (month) (quarter) (year), which shall be paid by Party B on the third day of each (month) (quarter) (year)____ Months____ Delivered to Party A on the day of

Article 6 time limit for house delivery

Party A shall start from the effective date of this contract____ Deliver the house to Party B within days

Article 7 Party A's commitment to the property right of the house

Party A guarantees that there is no property right dispute over the house at the time of transaction; Unless otherwise agreed in the supplementary agreement, Party A shall complete the mortgage, mortgage debt, tax and rent before delivering the house. After the transaction, Party A shall bear all the above outstanding matters, and Party A shall be responsible for compensation for any economic losses caused to Party B

Article 8 maintenance

during the lease period, Party A shall____ Party B shall actively assist in the annual inspection and repair. Construction shall not be obstructed

the cost of normal house overhaul and repair shall be borne by____ Party B shall bear; The daily house maintenance cost shall be borne by____ Party A shall undertake

Party B shall bear and compensate for the losses and maintenance costs of the house and its connected equipment caused by Party B's poor management and use

during the lease period, for fire safety, three guarantees in front of the door, comprehensive management, safety and security, Party B shall implement the regulations of relevant local departments and undertake all and obey Party A's supervision and inspection

Article 9 agreement on decoration and change of house structure

Party B shall not damage the facilities of the house at will. If it is necessary to change the internal structure and decoration of the house or set up equipment that will affect the structure of the house, it shall obtain the written consent of Party A, and the investment shall be borne by Party B. when returning the lease, unless otherwise agreed, Party A shall have the right to require Party B to restore the original state or pay the costs required for the restoration project to Party A

Article 10: relevant expenses during the lease period of the house

during the lease period of the house, the following expenses shall be paid by Party B, and Party B shall bear the default of delayed payment:

1 Water and electricity charges

2. Gas fee

3. Heating cost

4. Management fee for the functional industry of "shockproof" of paper products

during the lease term, Party B shall pay all expenses related to the use of the house that are not listed in the contract but levied by the relevant government departments

Article 11 the lease expires

upon the expiration of the lease term, this contract shall be terminated, and Party B shall return the house to Party A. If Party B requires to continue the lease, it shall____ It shall be submitted to Party A in writing within months. Before the expiration of the contract____ Give a formal written reply to Party B within months, and renew the lease contract if it agrees to continue the lease

Article 12 the contract shall be terminated due to Party B

in case of any of the following circumstances, Party A may terminate the contract and take back the house, and Party B shall be responsible for compensation for the losses caused to Party A:

1 Transfer or lend the leased house to others without authorization or exchange for use without authorization

2. Dismantle or change the structure of the leased house or change the purpose of the leased house without authorization

3. Accumulated rent arrears____ Months

4. Idle for up to____ Months

5. Using the leased house for illegal activities

6. Deliberately damaging the leased house

Article 13 early termination of the contract

during the lease term, if either party proposes to terminate the contract, it shall notify the other party in writing half a year in advance. After negotiation, both parties shall sign a termination contract. This contract shall remain valid until the termination contract takes effect

if Party A has to terminate the contract due to national construction, force majeure or the circumstances specified in Article 10 of the contract, it shall generally notify Party B in writing three months in advance. Party A shall not compensate Party B for its economic losses

Article 14 agreement on registration and filing

from the effective date of this contract____ Within days, Party A and Party B shall present the contract and the performance of the shared bicycle to the____ Apply for registration and filing

Article 15 breach of contract

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