Model contract for foreign exchange loan of China

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Foreign exchange loan contract of China Construction Bank (2) model text

foreign exchange loan contract of China Construction Bank


borrower: ((hereinafter referred to as Party A)

loan bank:

people's Construction Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as Party B)

Party A shall use the foreign exchange funds required for:

, Apply to Party B for a foreign exchange loan on the basis that the above three types of experimental machines have been used for about months in the year. According to the application for foreign exchange loan (No.:) and other relevant materials filled in by Party A, Party B has approved to issue a foreign exchange working capital loan to Party A after examination. This contract is hereby signed and jointly abided by in order to clarify and abide by the credit

Article 1 Party A borrows (name of foreign currency) RMB (in words) from Party B

Article 2 the term of the loan shall be from the date of the first payment of foreign exchange to the date of repayment of all principal and interest, i.e. from mm/DD/yy to mm/DD/yy of the working environment selection method for the testing machine, a total of months

Article 3 within the loan term specified in the contract, the benchmark interest rate of the loan shall fluctuate by months, and the interest shall be calculated and charged quarterly

Article 4 Party A is willing to abide by the Interim Measures of the people's Construction Bank of China for foreign exchange working capital loans and other relevant provisions, and provide relevant information and financial information about the use of the loan and the convenience of credit management as required by Party B

Article 5 Party A shall open foreign exchange and RMB accounts with Party B and use the funds in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state on foreign exchange control

Article 6 the schedule of payment and schedule of repayment of principal and interest attached to this contract are an integral part of this contract and have the same legal effect as this contract

Party B guarantees to provide funds in a timely manner in accordance with the schedule of funds. If Party B fails to provide the loan on schedule, Party B shall pay Party A ‰ liquidated damages

if Party A is unable to use the funds according to the fund use plan for some reason, it must propose to Party B an adjustment of the fund use plan one month in advance. Otherwise, Party B shall charge ‰ of the unused or over used part according to the actual occupied days

Article 7 Party A guarantees to repay the principal and interest in the same foreign currency borrowed in accordance with the schedule of repayment of principal and interest (if the repayment is made in other freely convertible foreign currencies, it shall be converted into the borrowed foreign currency at the foreign exchange rate at the time of repayment and repaid at the same time). If Party A fails to pay off all the principal and interest on the date of termination of the loan due to force majeure, it shall apply to Party B for extension 15 days before the expiration date. With the consent of Party B, both parties shall jointly modify the original loan term of the contract and re determine the corresponding loan interest rate. If the loan is extended without Party B's consent, Party B shall charge% overdue interest for the overdue part

Article 8 Party A guarantees that it hopes to help you use the loan for the purposes specified in this contract. In case of misappropriation, Party B will charge a penalty interest of% for the misappropriated part in addition to correcting it within a time limit, and has the right to stop or recover all or part of the loan

Article 9 the principal and interest of the loan under this contract shall be guaranteed by Party A and the guarantor shall issue a guarantee to Party B as required by Party B. Once Party A is unable to repay the loan principal and interest, the guarantor shall repay the loan principal and interest

Article 10 matters other than this contract shall be handled jointly by Party A and Party B in accordance with the relevant provisions of the economic contract law of the people's Republic of China and the regulations on loan contracts of the State Council

Article 11 this contract shall come into force after being signed and sealed by Party A and Party B, and shall become invalid after all the loan principal and interest are recovered. This contract is made in duplicate, one for each party

Party A: Party B:

unit name: (official seal) unit name: (official seal)

signatory: (signature and seal) signatory: (signature and seal)


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