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Model text of Sino foreign goods sales contract (CFR or CIF terms)


address:____________ Postal Code: \\\u:____________

legal representative:____________ Title:____________


address:____________ Postal Code: \\\u:____________

legal representative:____________ Title:____________

on the principle of equality, voluntariness, mutual benefit and mutual benefit, the buyer and the seller have entered into this contract through full consultation. Both parties agree to fully perform the following terms:

Article 1 product name, specification, quantity and unit price





Article 2 total contract value

Article 3 country of origin according to tongwenhong, chief human resources officer of Alibaba group and chairman of cainiaolo, and the manufacturer

Article 4 port of shipment

Article 5 port of destination

Article 6 date of shipment

________ Distribution:

________ Transshipment:

Article 7 packaging

the goods supplied must be properly packed by the seller, suitable for ocean and long-distance land transportation, moisture-proof, moisture-proof, shockproof, rust proof and rough handling, so as to ensure that the goods will not be damaged by the above reasons and will arrive at the installation or construction site intact and safely. Any loss caused by improper packing shall be borne by the seller

Article 8 shipping marks

the seller must print the package number, size, gross weight, net weight, lifting position, "this end up", "handle with care", "keep dry" and the following shipping marks on each packing case with indelible paint:

Article 9 Insurance

under CIF terms:

the Seller shall pay 110% of the invoice value

under CFR clause: after shipment, it shall be insured by the buyer

Article 10 payment terms

1 30 days before the shipment date, the buyer shall________ The bank shall open an irrevocable letter of credit with the buyer as the beneficiary and the amount shall be \% Y-axis of workbench operation, count uu The letter of credit is____ The bank shall undertake the payment after receiving the following documents and checking them (in case of partial shipment, it shall undertake the payment according to the partial shipment proportion)

a. full set of negotiable clean on board ocean bills of lading, plus two copies, marked "freight paid", made out to order, blank endorsed, and notified to the port of arrival________ Transportation company

b. commercial invoice in quintuplicate, indicating the contract number, L/C number and shipping mark

c. packing list in quadruplicate, indicating the quantity, gross weight and net weight of each package

d. quality certificate in triplicate issued by the manufacturer and signed by the seller

e. confirmation in duplicate that the complete set of technical documents has been delivered

f. a copy of the telegram/telex advising the buyer of shipment shall be attached immediately after shipment

g. under CIF terms

1 The full set shall be insured for 110% of the invoice value____ Insurance premium

2. Within 10 days after shipment, the Seller shall airmail three sets of the above documents (except f), one to the buyer and two to the port of destination____________ Transportation company

3. After receiving the acceptance certificate specified in the contract and signed by both parties, the bank shall____ Within days, \\\\, The amount is u

4. According to Articles 15 and 18 of the contract, the buyer has the right to deduct the penalty for delayed goods that should be paid by the seller when making payment

5. All bank charges incurred in the buyer's country shall be borne by____ Party A shall undertake. All bank charges incurred outside the buyer's country shall be borne by____ Party A shall undertake

Article 11 shipping conditions

1 The seller must inform the buyer of the booked vessel and its transportation route 40 days before shipment for the buyer's confirmation

2. The seller must notify the buyer of the estimated delivery time, contract number, invoice value, number of pieces shipped, weight and size of each piece 20 days before shipment

3. The seller must notify the buyer of the name, quantity, gross weight, invoice value, name of vessel and date of shipment by cable/telex within 48 hours after the completion of shipment

4. If the weight of any single piece of goods reaches or exceeds tons, meters long and meters wide, the Seller shall provide the buyer with five copies of detailed packaging drawings 50 days before the shipment date, indicating the detailed size and weight, so that the buyer can arrange inland transportation

5. Under CFR clause: if the buyer fails to insure the goods in time due to the seller's failure to implement clause (3) of Article 11 in time, the Seller shall bear all losses caused

Article 12 technical document CFP recently launched new ultra-high temperature carbon composites and carbon fiber molds

1 One copy of the following full set of technical documents in English must be packed and shipped with each batch of goods:

a. basic design drawing

b. wiring instructions, circuit diagram, pneumatic/hydraulic connection diagram

c. manufacturing drawings and instructions of easily worn parts

d. spare parts catalogue

e. installation, operation and maintenance instructions

how big is the market for automotive carbon fiber composites? 2. in addition, within 60 days after signing the contract, the seller must send the technical documents specified in Item 1 of this article to the buyer or the end user by registered airmail, otherwise, the buyer has the right to refuse to open the letter of credit or pay the price

Article 13 quality guarantee clause

the seller must ensure that the goods supplied are made of top-grade materials and first-class technology, brand new and unused, and are consistent with the quality, specification and performance specified in the contract in all aspects. Under the condition of correct installation, normal operation and maintenance of the goods, the seller must give full consideration to the normal use of the contract goods____ The warranty period of days starts from the arrival of the goods

Article 14 inspection

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