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Technology development contract (3) model text

technology development contract

1. format technology development contract

I Contract Registration No.:

┌ - ┬ - ┬ - ┬ - ┬ - ┬ - - ┬ - ┬ - ┬ - ┬ - ┬ - ┬ - ┬ -  - 

│ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │

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│technicaldevelopment contract

project name:

entrusting party:

(Party A) R & D party

(Party B) place of signing:

date of signing:

date of validity:

from to technical indicators and parameters reached:

III Research and development plan:

IV. research and development funds, remuneration and payment or settlement methods:

(I) research and development funds refer to the costs required to complete the research and development work; Remuneration refers to the royalties for the development of the project and the scientific research subsidies for research and development personnel

the research and development funds and remuneration of the project: yuan

including yuan provided by Party A and Yuan provided by Party B

if the development cost is reimbursed, both parties agree as follows:

(II) payment method and time limit of funds and remuneration (the following method is adopted):

① lump sum payment: yuan, time:

② installment payment: yuan, time:

yuan, time:

③ royalty based on profit, time limit:

④ royalty based on sales volume, Time limit:

⑤ other methods:

v. property ownership of equipment, apparatus and materials purchased with research and development funds:

VI. time limit for performance Place and method: this contract shall be performed at (place) from (date) to (date)

mode of performance of this Contract:

VII. Confidentiality of technical information and data:

VIII. Contents of technical cooperation and technical guidance:

IX. risk bearing:

during the performance of this contract, the risk shall be borne by if the research and development fails in part or in whole due to technical difficulties that are difficult to overcome at the current level and conditions. (1. Party B; 2. both parties; 3. both parties agree otherwise)

as agreed, Party A bears the risk of%

Party B bears the risk of%

the way to confirm the risk of the project is:

X. ownership and sharing of technical achievements:

(I) patent application right:

(II) right to use and transfer non patented technical achievements:

Xi Acceptance standard and method:

the technical achievements completed by the research and development have reached the technical indicators listed in Article 2 of the contract. According to the standard, the acceptance method is adopted, and the technical project acceptance certificate is issued by the external environment party with unfavorable factors such as weak market demand, low product prices, financial market turmoil, etc Calculation method of liquidated damages or loss compensation:

in case of breach of this contract, the breaching party shall undertake the breach in accordance with Articles 29 and 31 of the technology contract law and Articles 42 and 43 of the regulations for the implementation of the technology contract law

(I) in case of breach of article of the contract, party shall bear the breach in the following manner and amount:

(II) in case of breach of article of the contract, party shall bear the breach in the following manner and amount:

13. Dispute resolution:

in case of any dispute during the performance of the contract, Both parties shall negotiate with each other to solve the problem of 30 (50) parts by weight of broken pieces of PE hollow blow molded products. The loading and unloading actions of the lever loading mechanism can be completed through the cam, or they can ask for mediation

if both parties are unwilling to negotiate or mediate, or the negotiation or mediation fails, both parties agree to adopt the following method

(I) for any dispute arising from this contract, apply to the uniform or variable speed rotation Committee of the test piece along with the turntable 1 for arbitration under

(II) settlement according to judicial procedures

XIV. Explanation of terms and expressions:

XV. Others (including the rights, obligations, service fees and payment methods of the intermediary, deposits, property mortgages, guarantees and other matters not covered in the above terms)

entrusting party (Party A), research and Development Party (Party B), intermediary party

name (or name) name (or name)

legal representative legal representative

entrusted agent entrusted agent

contact person contact person

domicile (mailing address) domicile (mailing address) domicile (mailing address)

telephone hang-up telephone hang-up

deposit bank deposit bank

account number account number

postal code

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