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This clause is divided into two parts: basic insurance and theft insurance. The insurer (i.e. the people's Insurance Company of China, the same below) shall undertake the insurance according to the provisions of the insurance contract

Article 1. All the following family properties belonging to the insured (i.e. urban and rural residents participating in the insurance, the same below) stored at the place specified in the insurance policy can be insured from the insurer

I. clothing and bedding

II. Furniture, appliances and indoor decoration

III. household appliances, cultural and entertainment supplies

IV. farm implements and tools of rural households, agricultural products that have been harvested and warehoused, and sideline products

v. non motor vehicles

VI. ration

VII. The property listed in paragraphs 1 to 6 of this article, which the insured 1 must pay attention to the use specifications, has a special agreement with the insurer, and is clearly stated in the insurance policy, belongs to the property that the insured keeps on behalf of others or co owns with others and is responsible for by the insured

VIII. Other legally recognized properties that have economic interests with the insured

Article 2. Uninsured property

the following properties are not within the scope of the subject-matter insured:

I. gold and silver, jewelry, diamonds, jade, jewelry, currency, tickets, securities, stamps, antiques, ancient coins, ancient books, ancient paintings, calligraphy and paintings, documents, account books, charts, technical materials, poultry, livestock, flowers, trees, fish, birds, bonsai and properties whose value cannot be identified

II. Tobacco, wine, food, health products, drugs and cosmetics

III. other family property, illegally occupied property and property in a state of emergency and danger that are not listed in the subject-matter insured in Article 1 of this insurance clause

Article 3. Basic insurance

the insurer shall be liable for compensation in accordance with this article for direct economic losses of the subject-matter insured caused by the following reasons:

1. Fire and explosion

II. Lightning strike, tornado, flood, hail, snow disaster, sudden ground collapse, cliff avalanche, ice and debris flow

III. falling of flying objects and other aerial objects, and collapse of foreign buildings or other fixed objects

IV. seasonal and regional rainstorm ponding irrigation

v. pipeline burst

VI. in the event of the above insurance disaster accident, the loss of the subject-matter insured and the reasonable expenses paid due to the necessary measures taken to prevent the spread of the disaster or rescue and protection

Article 4. Theft insurance (additional)

if the property specified in the insurance policy (except various watches, pens, glasses, lighters, wireless communication tools, laptops, computer notebooks, walkmans and other frequently carried items) is stored indoors at the place of insurance, the insurer shall be liable for the loss of obvious signs of theft due to being pried, smashed windows and dug walls by outsiders

Article 5 at present, the insurer shall not be liable for the loss of the subject-matter insured due to the following reasons:

I. war, hostilities, military action, armed conflict, strike and riot

II. Nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation and radioactive pollution

III. damage of motors, electrical appliances (including cultural and recreational products of electrical nature) and electrical equipment due to overuse, overvoltage, line touching, arc, power running, self heating and other reasons

IV. losses caused by the intentional acts of the insured and his family members, waiters and sojourners, or collusion and connivance with others to steal, or being touched by outsiders, or objects hooked out of the window

v. all losses caused by the earthquake

VI. other losses and expenses not covered by the insurance

Article 6 insurance amount, insurance value and insurance premium rate 1. The insurance amount shall be determined by the insured according to the actual value of the subject-matter insured, and shall be listed separately according to the items of the subject-matter insured specified in the insurance policy

2. The insured value of the family property is the actual value at the time of the accident

III. The annual premium rate of basic insurance and additional insurance is 2 ‰

Article 7 insurance period the insurance period is one year from 0:00 on the next day of signing the policy to 24:00 on the expiry date of the insurance. The renewal procedures shall be handled separately upon expiration

Article 8. Compensation treatment

I. if the subject-matter insured suffers losses within the scope of insurance, the insurer shall calculate the amount of compensation according to the actual losses, the average market price of the place where the loss occurred on the day of the loss and the purchase life of the lost property, but the maximum amount of compensation shall be limited to the insured amount

if there is more than one property listed in this policy, it shall be handled separately in accordance with the provisions of this clause

II. The rescue and protection expenses paid in accordance with paragraph 6 of Article 3 of this article shall be calculated separately from the loss compensation amount of the subject-matter insured, each of which shall be limited to the insured amount

III. The residual part of the subject-matter insured after loss shall be converted to the insured by agreement and deducted from the compensation

IV. when applying for compensation from the insurer, the insured shall provide the insurance policy, the list of losses of the subject-matter insured, the certificate of technical appraisal, the notice of accident, the invoice of rescue expenses, as well as the necessary documents and the certificates of relevant departments (such as the unit, street, Township, public security, meteorological department, etc.). All documents and certificates must be tested at a speed of 6 mm/min, which is true and reliable without fraud. Insured 4 The insurer shall be liable for any loss caused to the insurer by the fraudulent act of dynamic exchange of length, strength units and display digits. The insurer shall examine and verify the documents promptly after receiving them. If the procedures are complete and a compensation agreement is reached, the compensation obligation shall be performed within ten days

V. if the insured event is caused by the damage to the subject-matter insured by a third party, the insurer shall subrogate the insured to claim compensation against the third party within the amount of compensation from the date of paying compensation to the insured

VI. after the insurer compensates for the partial loss of the subject-matter insured, the insured amount shall be reduced accordingly, and the insurer shall issue an endorsement to indicate it; When the accumulative compensation reaches the insured amount within the insurance period, the insurance of the policy shall be terminated. The parties to the insurance may terminate the contract according to law

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