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How will China Mobile, the 2G giant, fight in the era of mobile Internet? Everyone is waiting to see

in China Mobile, the current advantages and disadvantages are very obvious: the number of mobile users is the first, but 3G development momentum is insufficient. How to find 3G breakthrough

the person in charge of data business of a provincial company of China Mobile told that whether 2G or 3G, consumers are not concerned about technology, but about applications. This also explains why China Mobile put the data service in the first place in the development of 3G and started the rapid integration road

unified domain name

since the mobile dream era, China Mobile's data business has shown a sustained growth trend. However, in the TD era, this growth has not been accelerated by the increase of bandwidth and applications. A survey shows that most consumers can name twoorthree China mobile data services, but they do not know how to find and use them actively

the relevant person of China Mobile Data Department admitted that due to the lack of unified planning and departmental segmentation, the scattered data services have indeed caused some problems to consumers, which also makes the advantage of data business volume not form a joint force of 1+1 greater than 2. Therefore, China Mobile started from unifying the domain name and embarked on the road of integration

as early as the middle of this year, China Mobile has started to uniformly enable domain names. For the secondary domain names enabled by provincial portals and major business stations, the original domain names will point to

at present, domain name integration has been completed. If Feixin station is moved to; Mobilemarket (hereinafter referred to as mm) station is enabled; 12580 is changed to

an interesting detail is that the domain name was purchased from domain name investors by Zhejiang Mobile at a cost of 150000 yuan, while the registration of common domain names only needs less than 100 yuan

the CEO of an Internet enterprise joked that "domain name investors' vision is better than that of China Mobile executives". Although it was a joke, he stressed that the vision of Internet enterprises is called life, and he would not hesitate to compete for a clear and memorable domain name. "Domain name is the window of corporate image. Telecom operators should change their thinking in the era of mobile Internet."

mm upgrades the Internet base

it is only the first step to unify the domain name by 10086, and it is a formal unification. The substantive integration task of China mobile data service is completed by mm

Apple's stable and reliable performance results in the success of Appstore, which has attracted many imitators, mm is also one of them. However, MM's internal position in China Mobile has already exceeded the initial positioning of the software store and turned into China Mobile's Internet base

Wangjinpeng, one of the main principals of the MM project, believes that mm is the core marketing channel that China Mobile should grasp, the starting point of data business, and the first portal to grasp users' access to the Internet. "Mm should not only be a product sales channel, but also a channel for China Mobile to grasp users. We should not only focus on how many products have been sold, but also on how many users can recognize this channel from the perspective of national policies."

it is reported that China Mobile has set a development goal for MM this year: 10million registered users, 500million business usage, 100million application downloads, and attracting 1million developers

obviously, gathering popularity is the primary goal of mm in the near future. To this end, China Mobile has launched marketing activities for theme events such as the WorldExpo and the Asian Games. At the same time, it has jointly launched the MM million youth entrepreneurship plan with the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. It hopes to use mm as a platform to attract young college student entrepreneurs to start their own businesses based on mobile Internet

however, in the planning of China Mobile, mm is still not limited to the simple sales stores with the electrical connection between sensors and control cabinets. In the future, mm will be more of a comprehensive service portal integrated with the Internet services of China Mobile. "For example, we should integrate with mm in 139 community. What we buy in mm is based on people, what users like to recommend after logging in, and what good friends are doing. Mm tells users, which is the form of mm in the future." Wangjinpeng explained

in his eyes, mm in the future will have an "expression". He knows the joys and sorrows of users, and understands the usage habits of Yulian group, which aims to build landscape garden enterprises and ecological environmental protection factories

he admitted that to achieve this goal, the group needs to do a lot of work, "such as guiding manufacturers to connect various business platforms, and collecting the data in the boss and the core data in various business platforms for data mining." Wangjinpeng said, "this is a very long process, which requires slow accumulation and integration of resources. There is a long way to go."


ten year integration road of China Mobile

2003: China Mobile (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. successfully completed the acquisition of mobile communication assets in eight provinces (cities) including Anhui

2004: China Mobile (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. officially completed the acquisition of assets of mobile companies in Jilin and other ten provinces (autonomous regions), becoming the first overseas listed enterprise to operate telecommunications business in all regions of mainland China

2005: China Mobile has fully integrated the "Shenzhouxing" brand, unified packaging and unified communication; China Mobile fully implemented centralized procurement of communication equipment, gave full play to its scale advantage and significantly reduced the overall procurement cost

2009: China Mobile issued the notice on centralized management of wireless music content, requiring that wireless music be uniformly accessed by Sichuan music base; Since then, reading, video, games and other business bases have been launched

2010: launch of new version of Feixin; The domain name was enabled, and the data business integration of China Mobile was fully launched. Communication industry

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