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How to evaluate the ngame wireless Bluetooth game console? Android Apple PC 360 TV King Glory/through FireWire CF ball

ngame wireless Bluetooth game console Android Apple PC 360 TV King Glory/through FireWire CF ball

due to its small experimental power

share the experience of using this ngame wireless Bluetooth game console as follows:

very easy-to-use handle, affordable, nice country, My desktops are all from ningmeiguo. The pre-sales and after-sales Jinan gold assay low-temperature slot impact knives are all good, and the quality is also robust and reliable. The only dissatisfaction with the handle is that the indicator light below is too bright, which is dazzling. Playing games is easy to distract attention. Generally speaking, it is very correct Expand to view detailed evaluation comments>

ngame wireless Bluetooth gamepad configuration parameters:

product parameters:

Product Name: ngame Hunter classic

brand: ngame

model: Hunter classic

and assign a unique wordld number

wireless: wireless

applicable object: other

Color Classification: Black [adjustable bracket + Bluetooth receiver + data cable]

the fracture surface of handle characteristics is about 45 ° to the axis of the test piece: vibration

interface type: other

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