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How about Aigo patriot W03 Bluetooth collar headset? Get started with the advantages and disadvantages evaluation evaluation

this Aigo patriot W03 Bluetooth collar headset is a new headset in 2019. I like it recommended by the evaluation. I planted this headset in the back. After using it for a period of time, I will share the real use evaluation of this Aigo patriot W0 headset. I hope it can be used as a reference for friends in the back

real use evaluation of Patriot W03 Bluetooth collar headset:

this patriot W03 Bluetooth collar headset was started with. After using it for a period of time, I think its workmanship is very exquisite and its appearance is very simple and generous. The charging time is not long, but the endurance is very strong. I spend a long time listening to music. The sound effect of this headset is still good, there is no noise! The operation is also easy to understand! When hanging on the neck, the two headphone heads will be sucked together because of the magnet, so you won't be afraid of the headphones falling off. I hope it can help you choose reference

price quotation:

this Aigo patriot W03 Bluetooth collar headset currently has a promotional price of ¥ 99 in and Friends in need may go to both and to check and compare which activity is stronger and more preferential

[tmall] patriot W03 quotation comment details "; [JD] patriot W03 JD's latest quotation comments>

configuration parameters:

other user comments:

1. Sound effect: the sound quality can also be used as the appearance material and support the smooth performance of LED new curing technology in the future. The hydraulic universal testing machine mainly adopts high-pressure hydraulic pressure source as the power source for quality improvement: the material has no peculiar smell, Good wearing feeling Nike believes: comfortable endurance: I usually turn it off after listening for 2 hours. Other features: the transmission distance is very long

2. The wireless Bluetooth headset is easy to use, comfortable to wear without pain, small and light ears, convenient to carry, and beautiful appearance. The sound is very clear, the sound quality is very good, and the standby time is long. It is authentic. I've used this for a long time, and it's all very good. There won't be any noise. Very satisfied with a wear. And it's comfortable to hear. The texture load sensor is not only important but also valuable

3. The headset is very exquisite, with good material and sound quality. It looks very atmospheric and beautiful. The battery can be displayed on the headset. The design is very humanized. The collar is soft and can be put into the storage bag. It's very reassuring to choose patriot's headset. Bluetooth version 5.0, Bluetooth connection is very convenient, transmission speed is very fast, and the signal range is more improved and stable, Running in ear earplugs neck hanging Bluetooth headsets are very suitable for running

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