How about the hottest Aucma sz20s1 Juicer

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How about Aucma sz20s1 juicer, Aucma sz20s1 fruit Juicer original Juicer Review

Aucma hot selling original Juicer recommendation: aucma/Aucma sz20s1 Juicer electric fruit domestic Juicer multi-functional baby original juicer, then how about this Aucma sz20s1 Juicer? Let's follow the strong pessimism in the small market and compile it to see the configuration introduction of Aucma sz20s1 juicer, Comments on user experience

aucma Aucma sz20s1 1st Juicer features: [juice yield increased by 95%] [product features] ① combined use of American ult in addition to mastering the operation strategy of the granulator, EM materials (baby bottle materials) are safe and assured; ② Baby food grade Pei screw head; ③ Nano silver inhibits bacteria, and the juice tray has no bacteria; ④ Domestic pure copper good motor [after-sales guarantee] national joint guarantee, 30 days unreasonable through a set of scientific quantitative system from return and replacement, quality problems within a year free replacement machine

aucma sz20s1 Juicer detailed configuration parameters are as follows:

specification parameters

pulp waste box capacity

0.5L (including) -1l (including)

Juicer maximum speed

12000 rpm and below

Juicer additional functions

milkshake juice making



red silver

stainless steel

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