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How about Jiuyang y926 wall breaking machine and cooking machine? Which is better, the newly launched 2018 Jiuyang y929 or y917

Jiuyang new 2018 wall breaking cooking machine recommendation: Jiuyang y926 vacuum wall breaking cooking machine, which is better and what is the difference between this newly launched 2018 Jiuyang y929 and y917? The following is a detailed introduction to the price and appearance, the advantages and disadvantages of comments, and the comparison of configuration parameters. I hope it can help friends who need it for reference

1. Comparison of appearance and price of Jiuyang y926 and y917:

1. Jiuyang y926: at present, the appearance color of this wall breaking machine is silver. The quotation price of e-commerce is: ¥ 2199.00, and the price of promotion is about 1599. You can buy it at the time of promotion, which is more cost-effective. The following is the appearance picture: check tmall activity quotation

2. Jiuyang y917: the appearance color of this wall breaking machine is purple, the quotation of e-commerce is about: ¥ 1999.00, and it is about 1399 during promotion. The following is the appearance picture: view tmall activity quotation

II. User comments on the advantages and disadvantages of Jiuyang y926 and y917:

1. Jiuyang y926: it took a while to evaluate it. It was beaten with soybean milk. The beans were crushed and delicate, and tasted very delicious. It was much better than the ordinary soybean milk bought outside. Other functions have not been tried yet. Wait for it to be used to supplement the evaluation. Customer service beans and round life are of course unspeakable and very responsible, Answer all questions and praise one

2. Jiuyang y917

advantages: 1. Make rice paste without sticking to the bottom. 2. Hard objects such as grape seeds can also be broken and cleaned. 3. Easy to use, clear keys, simple operation

disadvantages: 1. The noise is a little loud and there is a little vibration. 2. After a long time of crushing, there will be a paste smell of the motor burning, and the increase rate is basically the same as that of the previous year. We know how the service life of the motor is

III. 3. After the end of the experiment, Jiuyang y926 and y917 configuration comparison

1. Jiuyang y926 basic functional parameters:

power: 1500W capacity: 1750ml speed: 35000 rpm

2 Jiuyang y917

Power: 1000W capacity: 1750ml speed: 35000 RPM


Jiuyang y929 and y917 wall breaking machines, from the above price, user comments, configuration parameter comparison, on the whole, the performance of this new Jiuyang y926 is better, but the performance advantages of these two models are good, you can choose according to your favorite needs

if you need it, please refer to the official flagship store of Jiuyang below to check the latest quotation comments

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