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How about Huawei Nova 5 pro?? Which is the difference between Huawei Nova 5 pro and Nova 5

this Huawei Huawei Nova 5 Pro 8gb+128gb Qijing forest is the latest new product launched in 2019. At present, there are four colors: Qijing forest, midsummer purple, Coral Orange and bright black. The reservation is opened in JD. At present, there are two configuration options on the reservation page: 8gb+128gb and 8gb+ 256gb to increase the reaction temperature Let's take a look at the detailed introduction of price and configuration:


this Huawei Huawei Nova 5 Pro 8gb+128gb Qijing forest is currently booked in with a deposit of ¥ 50.00, which can be equivalent to 100.00 yuan. The specific price will be announced on June 21. Click here to view the quotation of scheduled activities


Huawei Nova 5 Pro has four rear cameras (one of which is a TOF lens), The main lens is 48million pixels, probably Sony imx586, which supports on-screen fingerprint recognition. This is the first pearl screen model in Nova series that supports on-screen fingerprint recognition

in terms of core configuration, Huawei Nova 5 Pro is equipped with Kirin 980 processor, which is the world's first chip based on 7Nm process. Kirin 980 takes the lead in realizing the commercial development based on cortex A76 architecture, and is the first commercial mali-g76 GPU in the industry, with strong performance

more importantly, Huawei's Nova 51 stream innovation platform produces a stream of innovation. Pro supports 40W super fast charging, which is the first Huawei model to provide 40W fast charging outside the P series and mate series

which is the difference between Huawei Nova 5 pro and Nova 5?

Huawei Nova 5 Pro adopts the design of water drop screen on the front and 4 photos on the back. According to the previous disclosure, Huawei's Nova 5 adopts the Pearl screen form. The Nova 5 will use the kylin 810 processor with 7Nm technology, and the Nova 5 Pro is equipped with the kylin 980 processor. In addition, it will also release M6 flat panel, equipped with 2K screen, Kirin 980 processor and four speakers. The details will be completely clear when this series is officially released

in addition to Huawei Nova 5 pro and Nova 5, this press conference will also launch Nova 5, Nova 5I and other models, which is worth looking forward to. The specific time of the press conference is June 21. The detailed configuration and price quotation can be revealed. Friends who need it can first refer to's scheduled quotation. The plastic granulator operation covers an extremely wide range of fields. "The initial reservation will be very preferential

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