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How about the evaluation of Titong T6 projector? How bad is the new Titong T6 projector in 2019?

it is not easy to choose a good projector. Today, it brings you a projector brand with high cost performance: Titong projector. The latest popular projector in 2019 is Titong 2019 new mini projector T6. This projector adopts 2g+32g large storage and AI voice intelligent system, and supports wireless same screen, The best delivery distance is about 1 meter to 5 meters, and the brightness is about 1. Regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the host and oil source. 3000 lumens (included) - 4000 lumens (not included). The film and television resources are from Youku and Tencent video. Let's take a look at this deformation of the sensor caused by external force P. the first hand experience, detailed configuration characteristics and user comments on the advantages and disadvantages of the Titong T6 projector are as follows, I hope it can help you choose Ditong T6 projector for reference

I. Ditong T6 projector hands-on experience:

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the projection function of this Ditong T6 projector is really good. My friends are using this projector at home. They say the projection is very clear, and they recommend it to me. Later, I started this Ditong T6 projector. The projector is small, beautiful in appearance, good in texture and workmanship, and easy to use and operate, You can watch movies by connecting to WiFi. The same film source is rich and complete. The introduction is 3-star 2G memory, and the speed is very smooth. There is no Caton in the trial for a few days. The projector effect in the evening is first-class. It plays high-definition film sources, and the picture color is very good. It can also watch TV with software, which can completely replace the TV. It's really good, and it's a very practical product. I'm generally satisfied with this Ditong T6 projector

turn to more details about the advantages and disadvantages of user evaluation "may help friends in need to choose reference

II. Appearance price and configuration introduction of Titong T6 projector:

1. Appearance price: this projector has two versions, the flagship silver Special edition red, the price of the event is ¥ 1599.00

2. The detailed configuration is introduced as follows:

III. users' comments on the advantages and disadvantages of Titong T6 projector:

1. Compared with many micro projectors, the final choice was paid more and more attention by government departments. This one is because of the 32g configuration. This price configuration has been found for a long time, and it is really the only one. The machine is bright and beautiful with red, which is small and convenient to carry, The operation is simple, and the endurance ability is OK. After all, it's not big, and there is no big battery. It's best to take a power bank as a backup when you go out. The projection effect is slightly poor during the day, and it's good to watch blockbusters at night. The effect of hundreds of inches is very clear

2. The second movie theater at home has a great atmosphere. You don't have to go to the cinema anymore. You can change a ticket for a member, and you can see everything you want without waiting for advertisements. It's very convenient. In addition, he also has the function of a set-top box. Watching TV is no problem. The effect is super clear, and there is no card. The intelligent machine is also very powerful, and it can implement various device links. Now after dinner, you can catch a play with your roommate. It's great, and it's definitely worth having

3 It's worth buying. It's powerful, the picture is very clear, and the characters and subtitles can be seen clearly. The first time I used this mini projector, I had a great time. I also tried the same screen and projection screen, and it's very easy to use. The effect of watching blockbusters is comparable to that of cinemas. The touch function is also good, and it can be controlled without a remote control. Touch is much more convenient than a remote control

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