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Lincoln automobile joined hands with udesk to see how the Centennial luxury car brand plays with the customer experience

Lincoln automobile is a high-end luxury car brand under Ford Motor Company. Since it entered the Chinese market in 2014, with an agreed investment of 10.663 billion yuan, Lincoln brand has provided a unique car owning experience for more than 200000 car owners with excellent products and people-oriented Lincoln Road service concept

with the expansion of business, the service concept of Lincoln Road is changing people's perception of the brand. In the era of experience economy in the automotive industry, good customer experience has become an important means to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and it is also a great challenge faced by many enterprise managers

in the traditional car sales mode, it is from the manufacturer's general agent, regional distributors, 4S stores. This mode once dominated China's car sales channels for a long time. With the development of new technologies represented by the Internet, the purchase behavior of cars has changed. Nowadays, consumers take Internet search engines, station forums, auto manufacturer stations, auto dealer stations, social media and other digital media as important information acquisition channels in the process of car purchase. These online channels have become major influencers of consumers' car purchase decisions. Auto dealer stores are increasingly becoming a place for customers to experience products and complete transactions after forming basic brand intentions. Therefore, automobile enterprises must think about how to use various emerging online media to expand the impact on customer purchase decisions, expand the capture of sales opportunities, and pay attention to the improvement of customer service experience

the Lincoln brand, which knows that experience is king, has long taken the initiative to play the service card, starting the famous Lincoln way in the industry. This is a commitment for users to provide a user first and demand-oriented service experience. From online to offline, consumers can experience a consistent and comprehensive car owning life

in order to promote the continuous upgrading of the customer experience, Lincoln automobile joined hands with udesk to improve the customer problem solving rate and customer satisfaction by creating an excellent online customer experience and optimizing the service process

customer service, Omni channel service integration

Lincoln automobile embeds the udesk customer service system in the micro mall to provide customers with product query, consultation, after-sales processing and other services. Through the integration of manual and automation capabilities, as well as the ability to integrate the fundamental organization, process and technology platform, we can unify multiple channels of the brand and provide high-quality customer experience in all channels. It not only expands the choice of consumers, but also greatly increases the contact of consumers in only a few enterprises with relevant material production capacity nationwide

work order system improves processing efficiency

on the one hand, the work order system realizes light weight, comfort and partial intellectualization at the same time, records customer feedback problems, complaints, consultations and processing, helps Lincoln automobile not to miss every problem or business opportunity, and if you receive after-sales problems from customers, you can also transfer them to the after-sales department through customer service, which is convenient and efficient. On the other hand, to achieve the work order circulation of various departments internally, with the goal of improving customer satisfaction, Lincoln automobile continues to improve after-sales service, and truly realizes the goal of improving customer satisfaction in terms of service

text robot provides self-service

24-hour rapid response to customer needs, customer questions are asked and answered, and the automatic reply to customers' regular questions is realized, which not only ensures the timely feedback of customer problems, but also saves the time and energy of customer service, so that customer service can concentrate on solving difficult problems, and greatly improve user satisfaction

in addition, udesk robot can also intelligently assist the agent to answer the user's questions, solve the problems that the agent does not know how to answer the customer's questions, cannot find the knowledge points, and the inaccurate positioning of the knowledge points, so as to avoid the dissatisfaction or complaint caused by the long waiting time of the customer. According to the business keywords in the dialogue, the robot can automatically prompt the optimal solution by using the knowledge base editing and intelligent retrieval capabilities, guide the seats to correctly answer the questions raised by customers, reduce the waiting time of customers, and enhance the customer service experience

in the era of customer experience as the center, enterprises need to have an insight into people's needs, need to customize the service system based on users' needs, need to provide differentiated services that vary from person to person, and need to have the ability of refined operation

as a brand with feelings, historical accumulation and profound insight, Lincoln insists that service itself is an integral part of the brand, and provides consumers with customized personalized car use experience, from car selection, car purchase to after-sales differentiated services, which is the core value of Lincoln's way

this is also the value of udesk intelligent customer experience solution. By providing more digital tools and platforms, we can help enterprises find and solve problems on the premise of insight into user needs, and work with enterprises to create a better customer experience for consumers by coating various parts such as parts with smooth oil

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