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What is the evaluation of Shenhua Xiaomei S1 intelligent projector? How about the evaluation of Shenhua Mini TT

Shenhua Xiaomei S1 intelligent projector? And the platinum version of Shenhua miniature tt-p touch Shenhua M1 and S2 evaluate which one is better

initial use experience: the effect is very good at night, and it is better to draw curtains during the day. Small and light, easy to carry. At the beginning, I can't use it. When I turn on and off the machine, I just press the button back for a few seconds. To charge, I need to push the button to the battery position. When it's full, it's a green light. After it's full, it can last for about an hour. There's no problem with PPT and synchronization. It can be operated by clicking the screen with a remote control, Overall, this price value

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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product parameters:

certificate number:

certificate status: valid

Applicant Name: Shenhua Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

manufacturer name: Shenhua Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Product Name: Shenhua intelligent Cinema (with projector function)

3C product model: Xiaomei, Xiaomei 1, Xiaomei 2, Xiaomei 3, Xiaomei 4, Xiaomei 5, Xiaomei 6, Xiaomei 7, Xiaomei 8, Xiaomei 9, S1, S2, S3, S4

3c specifications and models: Xiaomei, Xiaomei 1, Xiaomei 2, Xiaomei 3, Xiaomei 4, Xiaomei 5, Xiaomei 6, Xiaomei 7, Xiaomei 8, Xiaomei 9, s

platform type: China Radio and Television International

film effect: 2D

release screen size: 60 ~120

operating system: Android

number of colors supported: 16.77 million colors

whether it can be hoisted: Yes

Display Technology: DLP

best release distance: 3

body size (CM) : 1 under the continuous influence of the global financial crisis, 4.6 * 7.85 * 1.75

trapezoidal correction range: no

trapezoidal correction: to achieve the stealth of the above weapons and equipment Light weight, high strength and other characteristics ± 0

so the jaw should be cleaned frequently

bulb power: 15W

bulb life: 30000 hours

load stable film source content: Youku other

production enterprise: Shenhua Technology (Shenzhen) Ltd.

zoom ratio: 1.1:1

applicable scenario: business office intelligent home theater game entertainment mobile portable

Color Classification: Xiaomei S1 thin portable ar projection TV

brand: evieo/Shenhua

model: Xiaomei

Technology: DLP technology

zoom multiple: fixed focus

brightness: 300 lumens (included) -500 lumens (excluded)

resolution (DPI) : 854x480dpi

contrast: 1000:: 1

screen ratio: 16:9

time of market: 2016

package: Official Standard

bulb type: LED bulb

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