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Xincai hardware mold training how about Qinghua mold training

Xincai hardware mold training how about Qinghua mold training

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Xincai hardware mold training how about Qinghua mold training

the automobile and motorcycle industry is one of the five pillar industries of the national economy. More than 10 billion yuan of molds are needed every year, accounting for 22% of the total molds in the country. About 80% of the molds need to be replaced when changing the model of an automobile. A model needs more than 4000 sets of molds, with a value of 200 million to 300 million yuan. Each model of motorcycle has nearly a thousand sets of molds, worth tens of millions of yuan. In addition, a refrigerator needs a mold of 4million yuan; A fully automatic washing machine needs 30million yuan of mold; A single color TV needs a total of 7million yuan of molds. There are other industries that also need a large number of molds every year. PowerMILL is a NC machining programming software system with powerful functions and rich machining strategies produced by British Delcam P from the perspective of security. The new Chinese Windows user interface is adopted to provide perfect processing strategies. Help users produce the best machining scheme, so as to improve machining efficiency, reduce manual trimming, and quickly generate rough and finish machining paths. Moreover, the modification and recalculation of any scheme are almost completed in an instant, shortening the calculation time of tool path by 85%, and carrying out complete interference inspection and elimination for the NC machining of the shaft, including the tool handle and tool holder. It has integrated machining entity simulation, which is convenient for users to understand the whole machining process and machining results before machining, and saves machining time

the output value of the finished goods formed by the mold is hundreds of times that of the mold itself. The high precision, high complexity, high consistency, high productivity and low consumption of parts produced with molds are unmatched by other processing and manufacturing methods. Therefore, the mold is also called benefit amplifier. Some people also compare molds to money printing machines

the output value of Japan, a big mold country, is about US $17billion; The second largest mold country is the United States; China, the third largest mold country, has an output value of US $10.6 billion. In recent years, it has increased by about 20% every year. At present, there are 30000 enterprises in China's mold industry, with 900000 employees. The annual output value is 87billion yuan

due to the complexity of NC machining (such as different machine tools, different (4) starting experimental machine materials, different cutting tools, different cutting methods, different parameter settings, etc.), it must take a long time from engaging in NC machining (whether machining or programming) to reaching a certain level. This manual is summarized by engineers in the long-term actual production process, related to NC machining technology A summary of some experience in working procedures, the selection of common tool parameters, and monitoring in the processing process can be used for your reference. Dongguan Chang'an CNC programming factory practical training college a: the way of program transmission can be divided into CNC and DNC. CNC refers to the way that the program is transmitted to the memory of the machine tool through media media media (such as floppy disk, tape reader, communication line, etc.) and stored. When processing, the program is called out from the memory for processing.

mold manufacturing industry is an emerging industry in China. As an industry, it has only developed for more than 20 years, Is in adolescence. Due to the short history of 6800 tons of servo energy-saving two plate injection molding machine, a solid and reliable mold technical talent team has not been cultivated. Among the practitioners, there are those who don't know why, those who have backward knowledge and technology but have to top one pit with one radish, and those who are not high-level but have been dug around are countless. High level talents are very popular, not only technical talents, but also management and technical sales talents. Talent shortage is a mantra that everyone is shouting

mold manufacturing is only a part of mold related industries. In addition, there are related product processing industries that use molds for product processing, which are far larger than mold manufacturing industries. Combining the two, there are tens of millions of employees in the whole industry. The whole mold related industry is facing the same talent problem. Mold emphasizes skills (skills), which is a mixed field of knowledge and art. You don't need talent. You just need to have basic physical health conditions and minimum intelligence. As long as you follow the direction we pointed out, the older the ginger is, the hotter it is, and the more valuable life is. There are so many UG mold programming and other training institutions in the country, why do you choose Dongguan Qinghua mold programming training college? How to ensure that students can learn real skills and find satisfactory jobs? This is a crucial point. 1. First of all, look at the teaching quality. The dozens of teachers who teach in Qinghua are great masters/enterprise executives with more than years of working experience in the factory. Their skills are exquisite and comprehensive. The UG mold design technology taught to students is the most practical in current enterprises. 2. Is employment guaranteed? Qinghua has a professional employment department responsible for recommending jobs to students. Employment teachers will contact mold enterprises every day to recommend jobs to students until they are successful and satisfied with employment. The job of employment teachers is to ensure that every student is employed appropriately. 3. Third, Qinghua has always taken "moral and technical training" as its educational concept. Qinghua will carry out quality education courses every month. Our teaching purpose is to cultivate high-quality UG mold programming and UG mold design engineers with "moral and technical training", so that students can become high-quality talents welcomed by enterprises! If you want to learn a technology, or you have worked as a fitter, technician, or fresh graduate, and want to improve both technology and salary, it is recommended to come to Qinghua mold training to study UG mold design training course. The teaching purpose of Dongguan UG mold programming training center: closely focus on various examples, strictly follow the process of design and processing, not only learn the theory and the operation of computer software, but also pay more attention to the learning of design and processing ideas, experience and skills, so as to ensure that students can truly master the knowledge learned after graduation, and can be independently competent for mold design, mold follow-up and other work

Xincai Qinghua mold training college UG mold design course outline: 1. Mechanical drawing: standards, specifications, expression methods and example exercises of mechanical drawing. 2. AutoCAD: detailed explanation of CAD software instructions and comprehensive exercises of a large number of part drawings. 3. UG drawing: UG software explanation and example practice. 4. Mold structure design: A. introduction and selection of injection molding machine, injection molding process conditions; b. Detailed explanation and application of all structures of injection mold (eight systems); c. Introduction and selection of die steel, analysis of plastic molding defects and improvement methods. 5. 2D ranking: A. detailed design of three sets of forming mold structure, including large nozzle mold, fine nozzle mold and strong demoulding; b. The introduction of dozens of special mold structures (thread removal, front mold inclined top, hot runner mold, terminal mold, sliding block ejector pin, etc.) and the explanation of non staff technicians. 6. UG parting: A. product analysis and processing; b. Use of mold design wizard and explanation of automatic parting command; c. Explain the parting of more than ten products, comprehensively and systematically introduce various methods of manual parting, and the production of common structures and special structures; d. Make a full 3D mold structure drawing according to 2D. 7. Remove the electrode: A. learn to remove the electrode manually; b. Learn the disassembly of mirror copper, symmetrical copper and rotating copper; c. Learn to plug in jade to improve the efficiency of electrode removal; d. Number of automatic sparks; e. Repair and repair the broken surface in the early stage of the product drawing. 8. Mold modification: learn the method of adding glue, reducing glue and mold modification and the treatment scheme of mold modification, such as welding, making inserts, reducing surface, etc

teaching mode:

1. Learn as you go. (the school has canteens and dormitories)

2. One registration, lifelong learning

3. Adopt factory management mode teaching, and connect with practical application

4. Use phased tests to fully understand the learning status of students

Qinghua advantages:

1 The school cooperates with a number of companies, and an independent employment department holds a job fair every month. Enterprises recruit on-site to ensure the employment channels of students. As long as students finish their studies and pass the school test, they can recommend jobs

2. The factory has a practical distance of 0, and the college has its own mold factory, so that students can learn more comprehensively

3. Up to now, Bao Xueyuan has provided lifelong technical services and employment services

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