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How about introducing the 10 generation core i510300h? When was i5 10300h launched

the performance test of this 10th generation core i510300h has improved by about 10 compared with the previous section, and the overall performance is also in the state of squeezing toothpaste. Now the 10300h processor equipped with the 10th generation core i5 has been fully launched. The following is a detailed recommendation of the new best-selling notebook model equipped with the 10th generation core i510300h for your reference.

I. recommendations of the best-selling models equipped with the 10300h Notebook:

1 Dell G5 (10th generation standard pressure i5 8g 512g solid state disk gtx1650ti 4G) ¥ 6399 JD price

2, Acer shadow Knight engine (ih/16g/512g SSD gtx1650ti) ¥ 6299 JD price

3, mechanical revolution Z3 air (IH 8g 512g gtx1650) ¥ 4999 JD price

4, Dai Zhizhi to sample separation Dell Lingyue 7000 (IH 8g 512gssd gtx1650ti) ¥ 8999 JD price

5 Raytheon 911air Star Wars III (10th generation IH 8g 512gssd gtx1650) ¥ 5799.00 JD price

6, Lenovo Savior y7000 ih/16g/gtx1650ti suit ¥ 6999 JD price

7, ASUS fortress 8 (IH GTX 1650ti-4g 8g 512g) ¥ 6199 JD event price

8, mechanical leather special life Z2 air-s/z3 (ih/gtx1650) ¥ 569 89 JD event price

II Differences between 10300h and 9300h:

1. In terms of frequency, 103 instruments that are verified according to their quality or performance design requirements are about MHz higher than 9300h.

2. Differences in terms of supporting memory: 10300h supports DDR4 3200mhz, while 9300h supports 2666mhz at most.

3. Performance scoring: in terms of performance test scoring, 10300h is about 11% ahead of 9300h. In fact, the improvement is not very much. Now Intel CPU is squeezing toothpaste

III. similarities between 10300h and 9300h:

the biggest similarity between 10300h and 9300h is the use of 4 and 8 threads. Therefore, in terms of performance, 10300h does not improve much

if you play games, you'd better pay attention to the graphics card first. If you have a sufficient budget, it's recommended to use a new processor + high-end graphics card. The key to buy a notebook is to choose according to your own needs and budget. Only a notebook suitable for you is the best. You can also go to tmall to check the latest hot selling recommendations

III. summary:

the 10th generation of core i5 10300h series notebooks have been newly launched. At present, the cost performance is relatively high. When you are in the event, you can choose the one you budget and need. 3 If the size of each mold hole is too large or too small, it is suggested that you go to to check it. If it is helpful, remember to give a praise or comment

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