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7 tips to help your excavator spend the summer high temperature challenge easily

7 tips to help your excavator spend the summer high temperature challenge easily

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in the hot summer, the soaring temperature brings great challenges to operators and excavators. Drivers should pay attention to replenishing water in time and keep heatstroke prevention drugs available at work, so as to complete daily work more efficiently. Similarly, in the face of high-temperature working environment, the excavator also needs a series of maintenance to ensure mechanical performance and construction efficiency! Today, Xiaolu has prepared seven tips for you to help your excavator spend the Summer Challenge easily

01 add and replace antifreeze in time

don't be deceived by the name of antifreeze. Antifreeze is not only used in winter! The characteristic of high boiling point can effectively prevent the cooling water from boiling in hot summer, which is very important for daily use. Therefore, if you don't want your beloved excavator to "have a fever", check whether the antifreeze needs to be replaced or added in time. Be sure to replace the designated professional antifreeze, and do not mix different brands, otherwise the whole engine cooling system will be corroded or blocked

02 check the brake and beware of tire blowout

for wheel excavators, when working outdoors in summer, high temperature will cause tire pressure to rise and cause tire blowout. Therefore, it is necessary to check the braking efficiency of the whole machine frequently to reduce the hidden danger of accidents. However, we must not use cold water to pour tires and brakes to forcibly cool down, which will cause unpredictable damage to the equipment

03 correct and healthy "drinking water"

like drivers, excavators also need timely and correct "drinking water" in summer. Try to buy the required fuel through formal channels to maintain the quality. At the same time, when replenishing fuel and engine oil, it should not be excessive. "Drinking too much" will not only increase consumption, but also accelerate the wear of parts such as cylinders. Finally, as with automobile refueling, the fuel transported by the tanker needs to stand for more than 2 hours and be added after the impurities precipitate. For qualified customers, it is recommended to equip their own oil storage tanks to precipitate and filter diesel oil

04 the water tank and hydraulic oil radiator should be dredged frequently. The working environment of the excavator is usually a little messy. After long-term work, it is easy to accumulate various wastes on the outer surface of the equipment's water tank, hydraulic oil radiator and air conditioning condenser, which will hinder the heat dissipation effect of the equipment and cause unimaginable consequences. Therefore, in summer, regular inspection and dredging of these equipment can not only prevent the excavator from overheating, maintain a good working condition, but also bring a cool and comfortable working environment to the driver in the cab

05 choose the appropriate grease

the importance of high-quality grease for the performance of excavator is self-evident. Because of the high temperature in summer, the working temperature of excavators also soared. When the temperature rises, the grease becomes soft, the adhesion performance of the grease will be reduced, and the lubrication performance of the device will decline. Grease with good heat resistance can maintain its adhesion at higher service temperature, and its deterioration and failure process is slow. While ensuring the performance, the cost has not increased

06 handle wading operations with caution

there is a lot of rain in summer, and sometimes there will be short-term rainstorms. Be careful when wading operations. If water overflows the rotary gear ring, replace the grease in the gear ring! Because the mud mixed with grease will increase the wear of the machine and reduce its service life. When working in water, do not tilt the excavator more than 15 ° to prevent the upper part from being immersed in water and damaging the radiator fan

07 take the sensor of the S-type experimental machine as an example, maintain a clean and comfortable operating environment

on the construction site in hot summer, it is often dusty. A clean and comfortable operating environment is very important to the health and efficiency of the manipulator. When using the air conditioner in summer, you should remember to comprehensively check the air conditioning system in the cab, including whether the filter element of the air conditioner is too dirty and whether there is foreign matter in the radiator, so as to clean and replace it regularly to ensure the refrigeration effect of the air conditioner

in addition, dear friends, the hot summer has arrived. Pay attention to sunscreen. Don't make technological innovation, high-end products, industrial integration, regional clustering and internationalization of layout are the general trend of the development of biomedical materials industry. Heatstroke ~

tips for heatstroke prevention

1. When you open an excavator in hot weather, you must take sunscreen measures

2. When driving an excavator, air conditioning is essential, because it is easy to get sunstroke if you stay in the excavator for a long time

3. Be sure to prepare a lot of water, and replenish water to the body in time, as well as iced drinks to replenish energy in time

4. You can stick sunscreen film on the machine window to avoid sunburn

5. Have a rest time, don't stay in the machine for too long, and go out for a breath of fresh air with its powerful demonstration drive and radiation effect

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