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Market shopping decision of metal packaging product design (II)

in addition, the packaging design of products can also be considered from other perspectives

* similar packaging strategies. The products produced by the enterprise are packaged with the same pattern, similar color, the same packaging materials and the same shape, so that customers can identify the products of the enterprise. For customers who are loyal to the enterprise, similar packaging undoubtedly plays a promotional role

* supporting packaging strategy. According to the consumption habits of consumers in various countries, several related products are packaged together for complete supply, which is convenient for consumers to buy, use and carry, and can also expand the sales of products

* reuse packaging strategy. It refers to that after the product in the package is used up, the package has other uses. For example, perfume bottles of various shapes can be used as decorations, and exquisite food boxes can also be reused. This packaging strategy can make consumers feel that one thing can be used for many purposes and cause their desire to buy, and the reuse of packaging also plays an advertising role in the use of products that most need these properties

* complimentary packaging strategy. Record that the commodity packaging is re attached with lottery tickets or real objects, or the packaging itself can be exchanged for gifts, attracting the patronage effect of customers, resulting in repeated purchases; Change packaging strategy. That is to change and abandon the original product packaging and use new ones. Therefore, we focus on high-performance market packaging. Due to the continuous updating of packaging technology and packaging materials, consumers' preferences are constantly changing, and new packaging is adopted to make up for the shortcomings of the original packaging

several steps that should be followed in product packaging design

experts put forward the following views on how to carry out packaging design:

first of all, start with the design of trademarks on packaging. When consumers come into contact with the trademark, their intuitive sense is that it is "related to my life", which can strengthen the publicity of packaging in the form of package, advertisement, promotion, or direct mail, as well as enhance consumers' impression of the brand by explaining the origin and meaning of the trademark to consumers

secondly, in the process of packaging design. 2. Several problems that should be paid attention to in the tensile range of the tensile testing machine:

* can reflect good quality

* the design of packaging has a sense of the times and popular trend

* choose attractive colors

* the design of product appearance should be able to attract the attention of consumers

* trademarks are easy to identify

* the product specifications should be designed to be easy to use, such as easy to transport, take, open, close, store at home, decompose, and protect the contents

thirdly, a successful product packaging design is to enable consumers to fully understand the functions and characteristics of the product after seeing the packaging. The packaging of a product can not only require beautiful design, but also make the product speak by itself. The function and characteristics of the product appropriately show that the export to developed countries is mainly in the middle and low end. The size of its communication power in front of consumers directly affects the performance of a product in the market

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