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Market review and future forecast of viscose staple fiber products this week (11..19)

I. review of viscose market

this week, the viscose staple fiber market was deserted. Although the market quotation remained firm, the actual transaction has been preferential. In addition, the failure of the cotton market also led to the continued weakness of viscose staple fiber. The market wait-and-see mood was strong, and the number of new orders was very few. The state has severely cracked down on the speculation of agricultural products, and the deposit reserve ratio has continued to rise this week, which has also increased the market's expectation of raising interest rates. In addition, the troubles of multiple factors such as off-season factors show that this situation occurred in 1999, and the market situation of viscose staple fiber is difficult to improve in the short term. In addition, the early orders of some viscose staple fiber enterprises have been implemented by the end of this week, and the latest is the end of next week, The vast majority of viscose manufacturers will encounter a gap period of orders. At present, the mainstream quotation of viscose staple fiber 1.5D market is yuan, and the quotation of 1.2D is yuan/ton, and the market shipment is light

while the production enterprises uniformly stabilized their quotations, the traders of viscose enterprises fought a price war one after another because they were eager to ship goods and the signed order cost was not high. The quotation of 28000 yuan/ton can be seen everywhere. The failure of cotton and the continuous emergence of low-cost viscose disintegrated the market sentiment, and the wait-and-see continued to increase

in addition, in the face of the lack of raw materials, an insider said anxiously, "from next year, the war of viscose enterprises will shift to the grab of upstream raw materials". At present, due to the lack of raw materials, energy conservation and emission reduction, device maintenance and other factors, the startup rate of viscose staple fiber remained low this week. In addition, the competition for upstream raw materials will become more and more intense, and the overcapacity of viscose staple fibers will also be further expanded. In January 2011, Jiangsu Xiangsheng will have 100000 tons of viscose staple fiber production capacity, followed by the launch of viscose staple devices from Shandong Yamei and Jiangxi Longda. The increase in production capacity not only intensifies the threat of overcapacity, but also the strong market demand stimulates the continuous strengthening of upstream raw material prices, This has considerable advantages and disadvantages for viscose staple fiber

second, the market performance of upstream raw materials products

this week, the market quotation of cotton linter also followed the price reduction of cotton and began to enter the downward channel. Many traders also lack confidence in future generations, and shipments have increased significantly, resulting in a short-term oversupply of cotton linter. The purchase price of cotton linter market in Shandong has declined for several consecutive days. At present, the market quotation of cotton linter for filament pulp has fallen by 1500 yuan to 14500 yuan/ton, while the market quotation of cotton linter for short silk pulp has fallen to around 13500 yuan/ton

this week, the cotton pulp market quotation remained at the level of yuan/ton, but the downstream market was not in a hurry to demand goods, and the wait-and-see mood also spread to the field of cotton pulp. This week, the market quotation of dissolved pulp remained at USD/ton. It was heard that there was basically no wood pulp available for sale, and the manufacturers were still reluctant to sell

III. the downstream cotton yarn Market Performance adopts wire cutting to cut it into 20mm times; 10mm times; 5mm rectangular sample

this week, the shipment of cotton yarn market also began to slow down, but the inventory has not increased significantly, and the quotation continues to remain high. It is reported that some cotton yarn enterprises in the market have formed an alliance without price reduction to jointly maintain this wave of market adjustment. As of Friday, the quotation of Jiangsu Dasheng 30s rayon Siro knitting yarn was 46000 yuan, the quotation of 30s rayon compact knitting yarn was 47000 yuan, and the quotation of 40s compact knitting yarn was 50000 yuan/ton. The quotation of ordinary and reamed Jilin chemical fiber rayon yarn continues to be stable, of which the ex factory quotation of 30s rayon knitting ring spinning belt ticket is 38000 yuan, and the quotation of 40s rayon knitting yarn is 40000 yuan. Shandong daiyin people's cotton yarn quotation also continued to hold steady, of which the ex factory quotation of 30s rotor spinning knitted yarn belt ticket was 38000 yuan/ton, 40s rotor spinning quotation was 41500 yuan/ton, 30s siro spinning knitted yarn quotation was 42000 yuan/ton, and 40s siro spinning quotation was 44000 yuan/ton

IV. outlook for the future market

three basic configurations of intelligent mesh: the sharp pullback of cotton in front of the host, microcomputer and printer has a significant impact on the viscose staple fiber, and the low-cost dumping of middlemen also brings a bit of bad news to the stability of the viscose price. In addition, the viscose inventory of downstream cotton mills is about one month. It is estimated that from the end of November to the first ten days of December, cotton yarn manufacturers will start the replenishment demand, This is the best time to ship viscose staple fiber at a low price. It is estimated that the market will face further correction

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