Market review of the hottest styrene on October 18

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Styrene 6. The system has relatively perfect protective measures. Market Review on October 18

East China

South China

North China

on Wednesday (October 18), crude oil prices plummeted after soaring, and the market price of styrene in Asia rose. The domestic market price performance was calm and the atmosphere was poor. There are not many market negotiations, and the actual transaction is difficult

Asian market: on Tuesday, the market price of styrene in Asia closed at USD/T FOB South Korea, up 10 USD/T from the previous trading day. 11. Strong interest in purchasing goods in the next shipping period supported the rise of styrene market. Transaction dynamics: the transaction of any shipping date in December was $1180/ton FOB Korea, 2000 tons

East China market: in the morning, the quotation of the main traders in the styrene market was 12350 yuan/ton (from Zhangjiagang), and the market was calm with a strong wait-and-see mentality. In the afternoon, the current mainstream price of styrene is yuan/ton (from Zhangjiagang). The market elimination method is to remove the glass of the dial. The negotiation atmosphere is poor, and the transaction is general. At the close of the market (1) turn off the oil pump and the electromechanical price fell to 12350 yuan/ton (from Zhangjiagang), down 50 yuan/ton from the previous trading day

South China market: in the morning, the mainstream price of styrene market was maintained at yuan/ton (delivered), there was not much negotiation, and the market atmosphere was calm. In the afternoon, the styrene market closed at yuan/ton (delivered), and the high-end market fell slightly by 50 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day. The negotiation is light, and the price is stable and soft

influencing factors and market trend: crude oil prices fell, and the Styrene Market in the Asian outer market rose slightly. The domestic market atmosphere is calm, and there are not many actual negotiations and transactions. It is expected that the external market of styrene will continue to consolidate in the short term, and the internal market will fluctuate slightly

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