Market prospect of the hottest diatom mud

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Market prospect of diatom mud joining

market prospect of diatom mud joining

April 21, 2014

[China paint in line 8.0 information] diatom mud is a new indoor coating material. At the beginning of this month, for interested dealers, the market prospect is a key concern. We should learn whether diatom mud joining is promising from the following points, such as machine collision

diatom mud itself does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and it can absorb formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the air; Diatom mud has very strong heat insulation and flame retardancy. Even burning diatom mud walls will not produce unpleasant smell and smoke; When our indoor air is dry in winter, we only need to spray some water on the diatom mud wall, which will quickly absorb the water, and then slowly release it, so that the indoor air humidity can reach a normal temperature, so that we can avoid many diseases; In addition to the above environmental protection functions, diatom mud is not as diverse in color as wallpaper, but there are more than 40 colors of diatom mud. Diatom mud pays attention to environmental protection and health, and diatom mud also has a unique texture effect, which seems to have a feeling of returning to nature

from the perspective of the general environment of the coating market, the annual statistical sales of China's coating market exceeded 200billion yuan in 2010, and is rising every year. In other words, there are 200billion shares of interior wall materials every year, which is a very considerable market. Diatom mud, as a new product in the coating industry, its market share is also increasing

at present, the diatom mud market is still in a development stage, and the prospect of diatom mud is optimistic by more and more people. When this market is not white hot, entering the diatom mud industry can take the lead and achieve the commanding height of the industry. The future market prospect can be seen that the key units and components of the phase system are manufactured with today's international advanced technology

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