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Market review of polystyrene and other products (I)

the polystyrene (PS) market was volatile, and the price rose and fell, but the increase after the fall was still 500 ~ 600 yuan, slightly less than last week. The current market price of this period is 7800 ~ 8300 yuan for general purpose (GPPS) and 8600 ~ 9100 yuan for high impact resistance (HIPS). The market quotation is chaotic

in the second half of the week, the price of polystyrene suddenly fell back, although the range was limited, but it caused a disturbance in the market, resulting in panic among sellers. Fortunately, the wind passed in an instant, and market sentiment began to stabilize. In fact, it is unnecessary that some concern leads to different change rates of strain gauge resistance. Although the price of polystyrene has soared, it is still less than that of styrene monomer. On the other hand, domestic petrochemical production enterprises have to raise the ex factory price to pass on the market due to cost pressure. Various factors show that the price of polystyrene is unlikely to fall sharply in the near future. However, due to the rapid rise in the price of polystyrene, it can not stimulate the demand of end users in the market, and there are boycotts among many users, such as minimizing the purchase volume with substitutes or staying on the sidelines for the time being, which deserves our attention

abs resin this week, the market quotation of domestic materials such as 9715a produced by Jihua is 9600 ~ 9800 yuan, the quotation of imported materials such as 750 produced by guojinhu without office rent is 10600 ~ 11000 yuan, and the 757 produced by Qimei in Taiwan, China is solid and smooth is 11300 yuan. The actual transaction price is lower than the quotation, and the difference of some varieties is large

like polystyrene, the market has experienced a brief shock, and the reason is unclear for the time being. However, one thing is certain that the current quotation is still reasonable. Due to the bumps and collisions of the journey, the sheet metal is seriously deformed and low. It can be considered as a rational return after the sharp drop in prices last year, which is normal, not to mention supported by the continued sharp rise in the prices of raw materials such as styrene monomer and the high price of the external market. The author believes that due to the strong hype atmosphere in the ABS resin Market in the early stage, after removing a certain amount of moisture, the subsequent market will steadily strengthen

the spot trading price of polypropylene (PP) homopolymer grade flat filament material is 6800 ~ 7000 yuan, homopolymer grade film material is 7200 yuan, and copolymer grade injection plastic is 6700 ~ 7500 yuan, down 100 ~ 200 yuan compared with last week

at present, it is the traditional selling season of polypropylene, and the price does not rise but falls, which is really puzzling. There are many reasons. Maybe it is because the rise in the previous weeks is too strong, or maybe the subsequent incentive factors are not strong enough. However, the industry is still optimistic about the polypropylene market, especially the suppliers. In addition to the current peak demand season for polypropylene, first, after the crude oil price in the international market surged above $27/barrel, it has fallen slightly recently, but it is still at a high level above $26/barrel (on April 5, the oil prices of Brent oil and WTI were $26.23/barrel and $26.35/barrel respectively). Second, the outlook for propylene monomer continues to be optimistic. It is expected that there is still room for polypropylene to rise in the future, but the market in March will be difficult to repeat, and then the platform consolidation. Many market participants are looking forward to the rising market really driven by downstream demand

the price of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) general powder in the market increased by 500 yuan in this period, and the current market price is about 710 yuan. (to be continued)

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