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Qu Daokui: after the epidemic, the demand for robots and intelligent manufacturing will increase significantly.

Xinsong robot is subordinate to the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is a leading enterprise of robots in China and a national robot industrialization base. It is also the first enterprise in China to export robots. Since its establishment, the company has adhered to independent innovation as the core competitiveness of enterprise development, has broken a number of foreign technological monopolies, filled the gap in domestic robot technology, and participated in the drafting and formulation of a number of national robot industry operation methods: fully automatic standards. In particular, as one of the world's first manufacturers to develop flexible cooperative robots, Xinsong robot is the first to realize the market-oriented application of products

during the fight against the epidemic this year, Xinsong donated a series of robot products and intelligent medical auxiliary equipment with a total value of 6.1 million yuan to the front-line units of epidemic prevention through Shenyang Red Cross Society. This donation covers 7 sl-ac1-a medical distribution robots, 14 sryc1402c multifunctional catering service robots, and 10 sl-mb1-a intelligent nursing beds

at 10 a.m. this morning, Qu Daokui, President of Xinsong robot, visited the securities times E company Micro interview, describing the application of robot products during the fight against the epidemic, and analyzing the development status and future development trend of the domestic robot industry. Here, a part of the interview content is integrated, which can be viewed by clicking the original link

Qu Daokui said that at present, the company has fully resumed work. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the company has thoroughly implemented the spirit that the epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is an important instruction. It has quickly established a leading group for epidemic prevention and control, organized the epidemic prevention and control work of the whole company, called on all employees to improve the awareness of epidemic prevention and control, timely launched the emergency plan for epidemic prevention and control, and implemented strict management on the production and operation, logistics, personnel, etc. of the company, so as to ensure the smooth entry and full resumption of work of the company

development status of international and domestic robot industry

it can be seen from the economic policies and industrial development routes of various countries that the robot industry is still the focus of national development strategies around the world. Affected by the declining prosperity of the automotive and 3C industries, the growth rate of robot demand in the past two years has been sluggish. Due to the differences in application industries, relevant statistical data show that international robot manufacturers have been more seriously affected than domestic manufacturers. The great changes brought about by the great digital era make the robot industry no longer a linear development process in the past, but enter a rapid step development stage

from the perspective of the international market, global robot leading enterprises pay more attention to the high added value of products, build cloud platforms, and focus on the development of digital chemical plants. The domestic robot industry has experienced reshuffle and regeneration here, and will enter the stage of rational development from pursuing quantity to emphasizing development quality in the past. In today's industrial 4.0 era, intelligent manufacturing is a crowding out effect on human labor and a rigid binding effect on robots, so it has created major market opportunities for robots. Especially after this epidemic, the demand for robots and intelligent manufacturing will increase significantly

compared with some foreign robot enterprises, what are the shortcomings of domestic robot enterprises and what weaknesses need to be supplemented

the domestic robot industry started late, the accumulation of market application database is weak compared with that at home and abroad, and the market recognition and influence are not as high as that at home and abroad. However, in the past decade, with the prominent demand for robots and intelligent manufacturing in various industries, it has brought opportunities for the domestic robot industry to overtake in curves. China has become the largest robot market in the world for six consecutive years. As a major robot application country, the domestic robot application technology is increasingly mature, and the gap with foreign countries is shrinking. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, who can grasp the trend of industrial development, ensure the investment in technological innovation, realize the continuous improvement of technology and products, and improve the optimization and adjustment of enterprises, who can survive and achieve better development

China has become the world's largest consumer market for industrial robots for many years in a row, but it should also be noted that due to the macroeconomic impact, the investment in downstream industries has slowed down, which has also had a certain impact on the robot industry

the slowdown in the growth of the automotive industry is the main reason for the synchronous slowdown in the growth of China's robot industry. In the total demand of domestic industrial robots, the demand of China's automotive industry accounts for more than 40%. The growth rate of the automobile market has slowed down, but the emerging markets have not fully grown up, so the growth rate of China's robot industry has declined. Robot technology has a huge space for development in national defense and security, aerospace, medical treatment, service and education. At present, the reform of the manufacturing mode in China has brought great opportunities to the robot industry. Under the background of lack of labor, high labor costs and overcapacity in some industries, the iterative updating of robots is faster and faster, and the robot cost is slowly declining. Therefore, in the long run, the robot industry will continue to maintain a good trend

although the medium and long-term development prospects of the robot industry are promising, the robot industry is facing relatively severe challenges in the short term due to macroeconomic and other factors

however, opportunities often coexist with challenges. Technological breakthroughs and technological integration are the key to seize opportunities. Modern robots are no longer the concept of traditional mechanical and electronic equipment, but a high-tech product integrating artificial intelligence, information electronics, big data network and sensing system. Xinsong complies with the development of the era of science and technology, increases R & D investment, strengthens the integrated development of robots and new technology, improves the added value brought by robots to users, seizes the opportunity of the development of emerging markets, strengthens the ability of resource integration, and builds a platform for integrated development to achieve qualitative leaps and bounds

aging and loosening of parts in the future is the problem of long-term use of equipment. The development trend of the robot industry

industrial robots and mobile robots are manufacturing robots, which are the main source of profit contribution of the company at present. Facing the urgent needs of industrial transformation and upgrading, intelligent manufacturing will continue to maintain a good development trend for a long time; With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's demands for service and medical robots are gradually reflected, especially the outbreak of this epidemic, which reflects the intrinsic value of service and medical robots. Therefore, in the future, service and medical robots will become a blue ocean market, and Xinsong will strive to promote the industrialization of service and medical robots; In recent years, he said, the industrialization scale of special robots has been expanding, and the continuous progress of technology has enhanced the intelligence and environmental adaptability of special robots. There are more and more application scenarios, and the rapid solution to the problems of marketization and industrialization is the key to its Phoenix Nirvana

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