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Online video advertising 72 changes

online video advertising has a rapid growth of 65% every year, shocking the entire market. The continuous development of Internet technology, the earliest container bag experimental equipment in China, also makes the interaction between advertising and consumers possible according to the data provided by the announcement. It can be said that precision marketing has become the absolute label of online video advertising

change to mainstream, change to interaction

road advertising, which was ignored by traditional advertising agencies in the past, has formed a wave that can overturn traditional advertising, making many advertisers talk about color change and anxiety. The average annual growth rate from 2003 to 2007 was as high as 65%, far higher than the growth rate of 13% of the overall advertising market

compared with traditional video and audio, video advertising has a wide range of dissemination, without time and space constraints, and can transmit information 24 hours a day, 365 days a day. At the same time, it adopts advanced digital and multimedia technology, and integrates video, audio, image, animation and text into one, which makes it more vivid, more diverse in form and more carrier. The live broadcast of online video advertisements can be controlled by users, such as broadcast time, location and frequency. Compared with traditional advertising, online advertising has the characteristics of high interaction and multi-party communication, and has more significant differences in communication mode. "Traditional advertisements are like singers holding concerts, which must be attended at a specific time and place, or they will miss it. Online advertisements are more like singing KTV. Consumers take the initiative to go in and choose the songs they want to sing." Feng Xin, CEO of storm, described it this way

change form and accuracy

new technology can make advertisements directly sent to the consumers targeted by the enterprise, and also enable consumers to "respond immediately" to online advertisements. It has changed the characteristics of traditional advertising "broadcasting" and transferred the dominant power from the media and advertisers to consumers. The audience of online advertisements is no longer mass audiences. The information conveyed is highly differentiated and tailor-made. It is sent to them by consumers' active invitation. No one can dominate the whole market anymore

according to a study by forreste research, an American research organization, 80% of online video viewers said that patch advertisements placed before or after the video were annoying. People prefer to watch videos on stations without such advertisements. YouTube doesn't set up such advertisements because it regards it as an interruption to users. IPlay, the third-generation advertisement developed by storm video and audio, also takes this into full consideration. According to the survey, the best video advertisement can bring 37.8% advertising popularity. Such a form can avoid disturbing consumers and generating resistance, and play a good communication effect

precise marketing is the most powerful niche for online advertising. The software technology applied in online advertising can make advertisements directly sent to the consumers targeted by the enterprise, and also enable consumers to "respond immediately", and the advertising effect can be accurately tracked to each piece of information. Online advertisements can not only collect information about friends, but also broadcast differentiated advertisements according to their attributes. They can also provide advertisers with a stack of reports, analyze the click rate, coverage rate and frequency of advertisements, and implement the evaluation of advertising effects. Unlike traditional advertisements, it is difficult to evaluate the relationship between advertising and commodity sales

take the iPlay of storm video as an example, it can be targeted from multiple attributes such as region, time and viewing content. Judging advertising by different regions, different time periods and the attributes of program content can be more accurate. Compared with traditional TV advertisements, there is no need to mobilize the public to distribute the advertising tape to local stations for broadcasting. The advertising content of iPlay is targeted to achieve multi-point advertising demands, pay full attention to the needs of consumers in different regions, different types and different levels, and achieve a comprehensive and three-dimensional marketing purpose

simpler and clearer

the DVD level advertising image quality of storm video and audio will rewrite the pattern of video advertising, and more and more large enterprises begin to accept online video advertising. Advertisers also feel that the Internet is the general trend, and begin to take the initiative to embrace online video advertising. Advertisers in the information industry, finance industry, automobile industry and consumer goods are at the forefront, and foreign enterprises are more active, but there are still many obstacles in the process

Fang Wei, vice president of storm international, said that we did an experiment. When we collected nearly 100 different video advertising specifications, quotations, locations and display methods from more than 30 stations, we showed them to customers. Customers were stupid. Because it takes about 40 days to produce advertisements that meet the requirements of all stations, regardless of the price factors of the advertising articles reviewing the previous works of the original competition, when these 30 stations are advertised at the same time

to meet the changeable characteristics of Internet advertising, time will continue to stack. This kind of work is not only unwilling to do by enterprises themselves, but also by advertising agencies

it is reported that iPlay has effectively solved this problem. Any video advertisement that is close to the total area of Minsk, the capital of Belarus, can be played on the platform of storm video and audio. It becomes easier to put it on, and when it is played, it can achieve DVD level image quality, which is leading in the network video industry. Many brand advertisers are very concerned about whether the advertising form can perfectly show the corporate image and brand, Fuzzy video obviously cannot meet their requirements. Based on this new technology, it is believed that more advertisers will choose online video advertising

become fun and effective

an effective user is more than 1000 invalid users. Unlike traditional audio-visual advertising, online video advertising is becoming more and more effective. Compared with the existing advertising format of video stations, the effectiveness of overlapping advertising launched by YouTube will be 5 ~ 10 times higher. This new advertising model is completely controlled by users, which makes it fascinating. Google has tested many advertising formats, with advertisers such as Warner Music and BMW and well-known content partners participating in the test. The test results show that the number of users willing to click and watch overlapping advertisements is 5-10 times more than that of banner advertisement users

iplay also confirms this view. When you watch the video on Storm video, you will find that a small icon crawls over your current screen like a bug shopping, and finally stops at the bottom of the screen. It won't affect the playback of the video, so it won't make you suddenly bored. Instead, it will attract your attention and even be willing to click the icon. At this time, more advertising information will be displayed under your "consent". The test shows that the click through rate of such advertisements is as high as 3%, which is 10 times that of traditional online advertisements

compared with traditional advertising methods, iPlay has obvious advantages. First, it has more than 15million basic audiences every day, with a total of 300million; Second, as a large interface playing platform, storm video is relatively closed when used, and consumers pay attention, which has less interference than page ads; Third, consumers take the initiative to launch advertisements, and the effect is remarkable. Fang Wei, vice president of Blizzard, said that one effective user is better than 1000 invalid users, which is the advantage of iPlay

although the market scale of online advertising appears small, it shows a very high growth rate. The interactivity of online advertising makes advertising show the efficiency that could not be achieved in the past. Although the rules of the game are still chaotic, the new business opportunities, new working modes and amazing development speed it generates make advertisers, media and advertising companies rush to seize the market, and who will stand in a favorable position first, Whoever can win this new business war earlier. (end)

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