The hottest OPEC crude oil fell $102 to 56 a barre

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OPEC crude oil fell $1.02 to $56.43 per barrel on Wednesday

according to London on December 28, Op can match the materials to be tested without continuous and repeated measurements. Opecna, the official agency of the EC, said on Thursday that the reference price of opec11 crude oil package fell $1.02 to $56.43 per barrel on Wednesday, and $57.45 per barrel on Thursday

OPEC's 11 kinds of crude oil packages include Algeria Sahara mixed oil, Indonesia Minas, Iran heavy oil, Basra light oil, Kuwait exported crude oil, Libya's es sider, Nigeria Bonni light oil, Qatar Marin, Arab

laber light oil, murben crude oil and Venezuela. Assuming that the machinery is in standby mode, the change-over switch should be turned to the loading gear. Since the change-over switch is assumed to be in the fast reverse gear, The continuous energization of the electromagnetic directional valve will affect the application life of the BCF 17 (furrial)

OPEC has designed a new package of crude oil prices. Previously, Member States had complained that the original package price exaggerated the group's production

opec launched a package of crude oil prices, which better reflects the varieties and grades with higher sulfur content, and the price of such crude oil is lower

the package price of crude oil is not used to price in the crude oil market, but it gives a reference price for member countries. With the rise of world crude oil futures, this measure will put OPEC in a politically advantageous position

on January 30, 2005, due to the sharp rise in prices caused by global stability concerns, OPEC terminated the official price range of the US dollar, and the early development speed was slow, pointing out that it was unrealistic

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