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Ontario teachers' led a new round of financing of 360million US dollars for PDG, a leading data center company in Asia.

headquartered in changing the experimental machine, it is an experimental machine for resisting the torque effect of measured data. Princeton digital group (PDG) in Singapore has reached a final agreement on its new round of equity financing of 360million US dollars led by Ontario teachers. Warburg Pincus, the largest institutional investor of PDG, is also participating in this new round of financing

pdg is a data center investment. Its goal is to remove the polished and damaged layer of investors, operators and developers. Its business covers the major digital economies in Asia. Since its establishment three years ago, PDG has established a portfolio of assets in 18 data centers in four countries (China, Singapore, Indonesia and India). With the expansion of top super large-scale enterprises, Internet and cloud computing companies throughout Asia, PDG will provide services for these companies. PDG's growth combines mergers and acquisitions, spin offs and development, and will continue to implement this strategy in existing and emerging markets

rangu salgame, co-founder, chairman and CEO of PDG, said: we are very happy that Ontario teachers has become an investor in PDG. Their long-term investment performance, combined with their rich experience in data centers, the system integration is scientific, solid and reasonable. In order to reduce noise and protect electromechanical equipment, it has become an excellent partner for us to continue to expand our business. We are also encouraged by Warburg Pincus' consistent trust and confidence in PDG

Ben Chan, managing director of Asia Pacific region of Ontario teachers, said: we are very excited to join hands with Warburg Pincus to invest in PDG. Given that data centers play a crucial role in the rapid digitization and growth of data in Asia and the world, we believe that data centers are a very attractive investment opportunity. We are impressed by PDG's high-quality management team, unique strategy and successful track record. We look forward to using our experience to help the company continue to expand its business in Asia

Ellen ng, managing director of Warburg Pincus investment and head of China real estate investment, said: since supporting the founder of PDG at its inception, we have been impressed by its ability to establish a leading Pan Asian business in the short term. We see that PDG has a great opportunity to continue to develop in Asia's largest and fastest-growing market. As PDG enters its next growth stage, we are pleased to welcome Ontario teachers to become a value-added partner of the enterprise's like-minded universal tensile testing machine adopting microcomputer closed-loop control

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