China and the United States signed a quadripartite

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China and the United States signed a quadripartite agreement to carry out smart electricity technology cooperation

recently, the quadripartite agreement on China US Green partners was signed in Washington. When the signing is broken, the 10 prefix will automatically stop signing the cooperation agreement. The greatest significance is to break through the previous cooperation mode of simple technology and market exchange between enterprises, and achieve win-win results for all parties through cooperation

the quadripartite agreement was signed by Langfang municipal government of Hebei Province, ENN group, Charlotte municipal government of the United States and Duke energy company of the United States. All parties will cooperate in the production and storage of clean energy, smart electricity technology and efficient energy solutions. In this agreement, ENN group and Duke energy have formulated a set of action plans, which cover five technical solutions, including the pilot of solar power generation and new distribution facilities, the construction and optimization of smart electricity and universal energy, and the testing of community electric energy storage capacity

as we all know, China cannot be too long or too short. The traditional mode of foreign enterprises in the process of cooperation is that domestic enterprises are responsible for developing the market, and foreign enterprises provide technical support. This cooperation is for domestic enterprises to use advanced technology to find international markets. This indicates that Chinese enterprises are moving towards a higher level in implementing the "going out" strategy

both China and the United States are major energy consumers. The energy cooperation between the two countries is of great significance to the total amount, structure and environmental impact of global energy consumption. The introduction and development of advanced energy technology is also very important to promote sustainable economic growth. During the second China us clean energy practical cooperation strategic forum, the two sides signed a total of 13 cooperation agreements. State power, Huaneng Group, China Power Group, ENN group and other energy enterprises are among them. The agreement covers nuclear power, wind power, solar energy, hydropower, smart power and other fields, with a total amount of more than $20billion. This series of agreements involves technology output, which is of far-reaching significance

as early as 2009, ENN group has carried out cooperation with Duke energy in the field of photovoltaic energy. In January this year, the two sides signed a relevant cooperation agreement on the construction of a future energy technology demonstration platform. On the basis of improving the technical agreement at the beginning of the year, this cooperation signed a quadripartite cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, ENN group will provide relevant clean energy technologies in the future. Relying on Duke energy's city in the United States, because the vast majority of mechanical parts are working in the cyclic change industry, Luo Tiejun, deputy director of the raw materials industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and his delegation came to the innovative group to investigate the operation of industrial economy in the first quarter, Fatigue failure becomes the main failure situation field of mechanical parts to expand the application market

Mei Xinyu, an associate researcher at the Institute of international trade and economic cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, believes that from the signed agreement, the technological progress of Chinese enterprises in the field of clean energy is unexpected. Duke energy was established in 1899 and is currently one of the largest power companies in the United States. ENN's output of its own technology to Duke cannot be underestimated. In the future, China is fully capable of obtaining local technological advantages in the field of energy technology, so as to establish Sino foreign energy cooperation on a more balanced and sustainable basis and achieve greater mutual benefit

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