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Onofa polyurethane decorative materials won the science and technology award

with advanced polyurethane recycled leather production technology and high-quality product services, the employees of onofa decorative materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. won the 2008 Annual Science and technology award issued by American chemical products and building materials manufacturer omniva solutions. Omnova said that the employees of onofa developed new interior decoration materials, "these materials are as good as leather in appearance and feel."

At the same time, Omnova said that this kind of low-cost and consumption equipment has prompted the data testing industry to unplug the power line and further extend the effectiveness chain. The decorative materials also meet the stringent requirements of customers for performance. This new polyurethane decorative material can be used in a variety of residential and commercial furniture. (article source: universal polyurethane)

the award organization of omniva company praised the award-winning onofa for cooling immediately. The five employees of decorative materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. are "models of scientific and technological innovation", and said their innovation in production technology and product quality has a positive impact on all markets, such as commercial wall coatings, carpets, residential furniture, infrastructure and construction, paper and special chemicals

omniva solutions is an innovative company whose products include lotion polymers, specialty chemicals, and decorative and functional surface chemical products for various commercial, industrial and residential applications

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