China became the world's largest industrial robot

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Last year, China became the largest industrial robot market in the world

last year, China became the largest industrial robot market in the world

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on July 8, we learned from the round table conference hosted by the China Machinery Industry Federation, the International Federation of robotics, and the China robot industry alliance that we need to serve the transformation, innovation, and upgrading of China's industrial technology, In 2013, domestic enterprises sold more than 9600 industrial robots in China, a three fold increase over the same period in 2012. Based on the two data, nearly 37000 industrial robots were sold in the Chinese market in 2013, accounting for about one fifth of the global sales. The total sales exceeded Japan and became the world's largest industrial robot market

this group of data was announced at the meeting by Ms. Li Xiaojia, head of the statistical working group of China robot industry alliance. Li Xiaojia also compared the different characteristics of foreign and domestic robot enterprises in terms of mechanical structure, application fields, application industries, etc. She pointed out: "there is no direct competitive relationship between foreign-funded enterprises and domestic enterprises. Foreign robots focus on high-end applications, while domestic robot enterprises are trying to occupy a wide range of manufacturing fields until the hot joint of the sample is destroyed." It is understood that this is also the first time that China robot industry alliance and the international robot Federation have achieved a more comprehensive statistics of China's industrial robot market through the exchange of statistical information

Dr. Andreas Paul, chairman of the industrial robot supplier group of the International Federation of robots, also released the statistics of the world robot market in 2013. According to the statistics of the International Federation of robotics, the total number of industrial robots sold by foreign-funded enterprises in China for gbt17104 (1) 997 metal tube ring tensile test method exceeded 27000, an increase of 20% over the previous year. He also said that in the past four to five years, the use of robots in the automotive and electronic industries has increased significantly, and has become an important driver of the development of the industrial robot industry. With the increasing flexibility of production, man-machine cooperation has become more and more important, which will be an important trend for the robot industry in the future that the amplitude fluctuation is not greater than 2% FS at all levels

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