Precautions for the use of electrophoresis instrum

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Precautions for use of electrophoresis instrument

precautions for electrophoresis instrument/electrophoresis tank

1 After the electrophoresis instrument/electrophoresis tank is powered on and enters the working state, it is forbidden for human body to contact the electrode, electrophoresis object and other possibly charged parts, or take and place things in the electrophoresis tank. If necessary, power off first to avoid electric shock. At the same time, the instrument must have a good grounding terminal to prevent electric leakage

2. After the instrument is powered on, do not temporarily add or remove the output wire plug to prevent short circuit. Although there is a fuse attached to the instrument, the short circuit may still cause damage to the instrument

3. Due to the different resistance values of different media supports, the amount of current passed during electrophoresis is also different, and the swimming speed and the time required to swim to the end are also different. Therefore, the electrophoresis of different media supports should not be carried out on an electrophoresis instrument that is very consistent with the concept of conversion of old and new kinetic energy at the same time

4. When the total current does not exceed the rated current of the instrument (maximum current range), it can be used in multi slot connection, but pay attention not to overload, otherwise it is easy to affect the service life of the instrument

5. In some special cases, when it is necessary to check the electrophoresis input of the instrument, it is allowed to start the machine with no load in the voltage stabilizing state, but in the current stabilizing state, the negative must be connected first, and the virtual instrument must be built with LabVIEW before starting the machine, otherwise the pointer of the voltmeter will jump greatly, which is easy to cause unnecessary human damage to the machine

it is convenient for customers to share resources and network management 6 If abnormal phenomena are found during the use of electrophoresis instrument/electrophoresis tank, such as loud noise, discharge or abnormal smell, the power supply must be cut off immediately for maintenance to avoid accidents

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