Precautions for transfer and transportation of cra

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Precautions for transfer and transportation of crawler crane

the forming shall be carried out according to the forming cycle determined by the required output. 1) long distance transfer shall be transported by railway. If concave flat cable is used, whether there is a circuit breaker or not, it can be loaded as a whole, and only the operation equipment needs to be removed. If it is transported by ordinary flat plate, the machine shed and working device must be disassembled and divided into two wagons, which shall be handled in accordance with the rules for the transportation of out of gauge goods by railway

2) the flatbed trailer with corresponding load capacity can be used for transportation in the city. During transportation, the jib and counterweight shall be removed, the slewing brake shall be braked, and then the bolt shall be fastened. Skids shall be added at both ends of the crawler and bound firmly. In order to reduce the height of the crane, sakhalkar, the person on the top of the crane, said: "teknor apex business covers the world. Put down the word frame.

3) when transferring by itself in a short distance, it is generally not more than 10km. Check all parts of the traveling mechanism every about 1 hour and lubricate it to avoid excessive wear

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