Packaging industry faces the impact of the third w

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The packaging industry is facing the impact of the third wave (V)

6) from the perspective of over 10 billion provinces and cities of the packaging industry, in 2004, the sales of packaging in South China accounted for about 60% of its total sales, and the production value of packaging industry was 328.302 billion yuan, of which the packaging industry in East China exceeded 10 billion yuan, and the total output value of provinces and cities was 161.545 billion yuan, accounting for 49.0%; The total output value of packaging industry in the Yangtze River Delta is 107.069 billion yuan, accounting for 35.7%; The total output value of packaging industry in nine provinces and cities is 265.771 billion yuan, accounting for 81.0% of the national total output value

7) from the perspective of independent innovation of packaging industry, the independent development ability of China's packaging industry is not strong, and key technologies, equipment and raw and auxiliary materials depend on imports for a long time

in recent years, although the R & D capacity of packaging machinery in China has made great progress, such as beiren, Shanghai printing and packaging machine, Central Asia and other packaging machinery manufacturers. For example, Shanghai packaging machine group successfully bought Akiyama company, one of the world's large packaging and printing machinery enterprises, through international bidding, so as to make Shanghai's packaging and printing machinery go abroad and occupy a place in the international market. However, due to the system, mechanism and other reasons, the internal driving force for the construction of independent R & D capacity of China's packaging industry is insufficient. At present, the improvement of technical level mainly depends on the introduction of technical equipment

feature 4: requirements of an energy-saving society for the packaging industry

1) implement the scientific concept of sustainable development and pay equal attention to resource development and conservation; Realize the transformation of economic growth mode, focusing on the comprehensive utilization of resources and the development of circular economy; All items are related to the loose production growth and overall development of the packaging industry

2) China's resource consumption is high and waste is large. Compared with the international advanced level, the resource utilization rate is low, and the energy consumption per unit output value is twice the world average level; It is 11.5 times that of Japan and 4.3 times that of the United States

3) we are willing to maintain close communication and coordination with China in international and regional affairs. Today, the world's resources are in short supply, the prices of most packaging materials remain high, the production costs rise, and enterprises have some difficulties

4) environmental pollution caused by packaging materials, packaging production and application, and strong social response; Green packaging urgently needs to be vigorously promoted and applied

5) the recycling rate of packaging waste is low. Compared with advanced industrial countries, there is an obvious gap in recycling, utilization and policy measures. In 2004, the output of paper and paperboard was 49.5 million tons, the recovery rate was 30.4%, and the recycling of waste paper was 51%; The demand for metal cans is 7 billion, and the recovery rate is 80%; The demand for steel drums is 60 million, and the recovery rate is 90%; The output of glass containers is 7.85 million tons, and the recovery rate is 80%; The recovery rate of plastic containers is 50%


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