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The "12th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition" and "9th China International Beer, beverage and Brewing Industry Exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as "South China International Packaging Technology Exhibition" and "South China International Beverage Technology Exhibition") will be held in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (the venue of the new Canton Fair), the largest convention and Exhibition Center in Asia, from March 8 to 11, 2005. This annual packaging and beverage industry event allows famous suppliers from all over the world to show their new production technology and equipment

the scale of the last exhibition set a record

the "South China International Packaging Technology Exhibition" and "South China International Beverage Technology Exhibition" in 2004 were supported by more than 30 industry units, including Guangdong Light Industry Association, Guangdong bottled drinking water professional branch, Guangdong beer professional branch, British processing and packaging machinery association, and were hosted by China Foreign Trade Center (Group) and Yashi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. The last exhibition ended in Guangzhou in April 2004. More than 130 exhibitors from 14 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, with a total area of 8000 square meters, the largest scale in previous years and 11000 visitors

the beverage industry exhibitors include ASCO, Brigitte, baccalais, bonfeili, igus, KHS, Krones, lanfranchi, new Meixing packaging, nimco, Regina, SACMI, SIPA, sympak, Kerui, Jianji, daylon and Tetra Pak, etc; Exhibitors in the packaging industry include Klebsiella, domino inkjet, jiashifeng, meinamo grinding belt, which will break and wear, etc. guoyishide, Huiquan inkjet, Ibn, Shitian electronics, KHS, Krones, lanfranchi, linparker, Lehui, lingxindajia, langmeng, Maiwei, pall, Le Jiawen, the world's largest single building for vibration reduction and isolation - the realization of Kunming new airport terminal, lebede, romelege, Cinda Far East Dahe machinery, Youxin inkjet, weidijie, etc

various exhibition and innovation zones in 2005 need to attract a variety of visitors and focus on the international market. In the packaging industry, there are "food packaging", "drug packaging", "daily chemical packaging" and "paper packaging and flexible packaging". Adhesive machinery, the latest blow molding and injection molding machines, code spraying bar code printing technology, food and drug packaging machinery, testing instruments, paper packaging products and processing technology equipment are displayed. The "beverage technology", "beer technology" and "dairy technology" zones include the latest beverage/beer/alcohol production equipment, ingredients, packaging machinery, blowing/injection molding machine, filling/forming/sealing machine, adhesive machinery, inkjet bar code printing technology, sterile production machinery and testing instruments

during the exhibition in 2005, large-scale summit meetings will continue to be held. Authoritative associations in the industry and famous packaging are usually used only in laboratories and representatives of food and beverage factories will be invited to speak, so that the audience can directly grasp the market trend and industry development trend. The two-day forum will focus on the development and latest technology of food, beverage and beer. At the International Forum on food and beverage packaging, speakers initially invited include Sun Ying [China Food Society], Cai Mingchi [plastic packaging Committee of China Packaging Technology Association], he Nanzhi [China food and Packaging Machinery Association]; The "beer industry summit - promoting the localization of China's beer technology and equipment" invited Du Lujun [vice president of the beer branch of China Brewing Industry Association] and Xu Bin [Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai brewing Professional Association] to give speeches, and arranged to visit Guangzhou Zhujiang Beer Group and its national enterprise technology center

in recent years, China's packaging industry and beer market in South China have developed rapidly, while the output of beverage industry is the leading in China, with an output of 3.51 million tons. With the continuous growth of performance every year, many international famous suppliers continue to support the largest packaging and beverage technology industry exhibition in South China, and lead overseas manufacturers to witness China's huge development potential and the latest market


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