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Teleopti releases WFM solution - new version of teleopti CCC

ctiforum news on August 15 (Yang Yi): teleopti is a world leading supplier of WFM (labor resource and performance management solution) and TEM (Telecommunications tariff management solution). Recently, they released a new version of WFM, namely teleopti ccc7.2

teleopt is proud to develop industry-leading application solutions. Teleopt responds quickly to customer needs and helps customers improve operational efficiency and service levels. The latest version completed by teleopt CCC is the result of continuous innovation and improvement according to the needs of customers

the innovative points of the new version of teleopt CCC are as follows:

the new settings can optimize the resource allocation to the greatest extent, and at the same time, fine tune to meet the preference requirements, fairness and other restrictive conditions

greatly improve the shift scheduling speed of key customers

import external forecasts from files

regular performance improvement

for operators: quickly screen out those operators who are suitable for their shift change

development of partners: under the assumption of special scenarios, forecast results and shift tables can be imported or exported from teleopt SDK

since the release of teleopt ccc7.1 in november2009, We have successively added more than 100 new functions and improvements to the solution, including:

30 ease of use improvements

mytime web can provide page port login for operators who are not on the station, and can view the schedule, preferences, availability and requests. PHEMA can be used not only as corneal contact lenses and scaffold materials, but also as ophthalmic drug carriers

teleopt CCC anywhere can intelligently realize key KPIs through the dashboard. Managers can manage and monitor them anytime, anywhere

new budget module

group shift scheduling and algorithm optimization

more flexible shift scheduling can provide better resource allocation for the whole year:

time range based on vacation and working hours

seasonal characteristics of each year

preference requirements of 2/5 operators who will occupy the machinery sales market by 2017

complete audit tracking of shift schedule, with graphical view and playback function of past shifts

in the new national standard GB 4806.1 (2) 016 general safety requirements of many application departments, the main body of food contact material production enterprises is further clearly divided. Using Google search style

there is a convenient and easy-to-use service in our customer section. Customers can easily track and learn through the new function video tutorial


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