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1. Advantages and disadvantages of early delivery

generally speaking, early delivery is good for owners. First of all, it is a happy event for the owner to live in the new house in advance; Secondly, in terms of decoration, it also gives owners more time to plan and decorate their houses. The disadvantage of early delivery is that developers may deceive owners in terms of housing quality problems. The early delivery of the house makes the owner not fully prepared for the acceptance of the house, which is easy to be deceived by bad developers

2 reasons for early delivery

although early delivery is rare, it still happens occasionally. From the perspective of the owner, the developer's early delivery also means that the owner can move into the new house in advance, which is of course a happy thing. However, different from the normal situation, the owners cannot help but wonder: Why did the developer deliver the house in advance? There are three reasons

1. Commercial marketing needs of developers

due to changes in market demand and other reasons, it is possible for real estate developers to deliver their houses in advance in order to improve their competitiveness, popularity or reputation. In this case, the project has been completed and accepted, which is entirely due to the market or other reasons unrelated to the quality of the house. But generally speaking, the probability of this kind of cause is very small

2. Developers need capital circulation

developers need to pay a pre-sale deposit in the relevant government departments to sell their houses, which is a guarantee paid by developers for the pre-sale of future houses. Early delivery can unfreeze the pre-sale deposit of developers in the government. If the developer has too many real estate projects and the capital cannot be turned around at the moment, the pre-sale amount pledged by the government department can be retrieved by delivering the house in advance, which is helpful for the capital flow of the developer company

3. Housing quality problems

some bad developers found problems in the process of housing construction, and the funds were not enough or there was not enough time to modify, so they simply handed over the house in advance, and handed over the house to the owner when all kinds of formalities and certificates were incomplete. In this case, their attitude of leading the owner to inspect the house is hasty or perfunctory, or some do not give the owner time to inspect carefully at all. The reason for this early delivery is what the owners are most worried about

3 precautions for early delivery

early delivery is a variable factor, which is certainly a happy thing for the owner, but we should still be vigilant

1) carefully check the certificates

it is required to check various certificates of the developer, such as the construction project completion record form, the technical report on housing and land surveying and mapping, the household acceptance form of housing project quality, etc. those who will not check can consult or invite professionals. If the certificate (original) is missing or there are other problems, we must resolutely refuse to hand over the house in advance, and we cannot compromise because of the various preferential conditions offered by the developer, because this proves that the house has quality problems, and reckless occupancy will affect the quality of life and even endanger life safety

2) be careful in house inspection

when the developer invites the owner to inspect the house, the owner should keep his eyes open to prevent being deceived by bad developers. If you encounter quality problems, you should negotiate with the developer for maintenance. Everything should go according to the delivery procedures. If the maintenance is not completed, you should refuse to accept the house. If there is a serious problem and it is impossible to reach a settlement with the developer, you can consult a lawyer with other owners and solve the problem through formal legal channels




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