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1. Colors are too exaggerated. Children are restless.

children are very sensitive to the colors in life and are often attracted by some things with bright colors and rich colors. But parents should pay attention to the bright color of the room, because staying in too bright space for a long time will make children irritable

children of different ages have different needs for color. Parents can regularly change the color of the children's room by using decorations such as curtain fabric. For babies, you can choose some slightly gorgeous colors, which can promote their visual development; For children who have gone to school, they have a certain sensitivity to the surrounding things, so it is best to choose fresh and elegant colors in their rooms. Too cool colors will make them feel bored

in addition, when choosing colors for their children, parents should not only rely on their own likes and dislikes, but also use the eyes of adults to evaluate their children's needs. They should appropriately respect their ideas, and then cooperate with the overall style of the room to choose a color suitable for their children

2. Little play space children can't play well

some children's rooms lack play space and toys can't be stored, which limits children's lively nature. Therefore, it is best to put the furniture in the children's room aside, so that the left middle area can be used as children's activity space

in addition, parents must not ignore creating enough storage space. Children develop rapidly during their growth period. There are many things in each period, and the storage space is particularly important. Naturally, cabinets are essential, but it is best not to make cabinets into dead wall cabinets in children's rooms. Fixed wall cabinets may accommodate a lot of things for a time, but it is not conducive to the adjustment of room pattern. Children's combined bed is the most suitable. The storage cabinet under the bed can be used to store toys and sundries, which not only saves space, but also is very convenient





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