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The door and window investment promotion profession is constantly developing, and the development stage of the door and window company is naturally changing. This means that it is necessary for door and window companies to face the changing shopping environment, pay attention to the problems existing in the development process, and make corresponding changes

the format of the professional competition for attracting investment in doors and windows has changed

for a long time, there have been many brands of doors and windows shopping malls, and the powerful are competing for the best. When the real estate market is rising, no matter the size of the company, it can get a piece of the pie, and the day is also moist. However, under the backdrop of economic transformation and the new normal, professional integration is accelerating, and brands are moving towards convergence. Some large-scale door and window stores had a wide range of brands a few years ago, but now only some well-known brands are left

among them, after years of accumulation, foreign door and window brands have kneaded down a considerable number of shopping malls with small brands, and a domestic company brand has also gathered rapidly. Some sketch brands are now hard to find, and their market share is shared by door and window brands with an annual sales volume of more than 1billion yuan. The competition format of the whole door and window investment promotion profession has changed dramatically. In order to become one of the few brands that will survive after the format change, it is necessary for door and window companies to make new moves in brand operation

consumers have more and more power to participate in decision-making

once, house decoration was usually covered by decoration teams, and consumers rarely participated. In addition, general consumers have less professional knowledge of doors and windows, and the home decoration used to be guided or dominated by decorators and home decoration companies. But at present, the most significant change is that all people attach importance to environmental protection. With the improvement of everyone's quality of life, the demand for health has increased significantly, which has led to the growing dominance of consumers to a certain extent, "I'm in charge of my site", and the brand of doors and windows should be chosen by myself. "Many consumers equate the brightness of a brand with the function of a commodity, and believe that a brand is reliable and reliable. Brand consumption is becoming more and more obvious, which requires us to make a good brand." A person in the door and window industry said so

depict obvious image, occupy the way terminal

although doors and windows have already entered ordinary people's homes, consumers do not attach great importance to and rely on the brand. The company sells the doors and windows to the central way, and the way merchants then apply them to consumers. This leads to consumers not only attach great importance to brands, but also do not understand commodities, so they replace rational judgment with perceptual knowledge of brands. The future trend is to sell to consumers through the central way, that is, B2B2C. Coupled with the high proportion of hardbound houses, the formation of consumer doors and windows is gradually becoming more channelized. In the future, the transformation of door and window companies will shift from a thorough approach driven to a demand brand and service driven, which requires that door and window production companies have the need to portray their own obvious characteristic image in order to occupy an advantageous position in the way terminal




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