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Spraying emulsion paint is not a small expenditure when many families decorate. But if you are a little careless, you may get sold and help count the money. A few days ago, a boss who has been undertaking home decoration for a long time revealed the mystery to reporters

Mr. Yang, who began to undertake home decoration in 2005, narrowed his eyes when he laughed. He said: you see, I look very kind. Seriously, who will write cheat on my face? Apart from others, I make a net profit of fiveorsix thousand yuan a year in latex paint alone

the practice is very simple. I've heard the story of civet cat changing prince in martial arts novels. The reason is similar. When making the decoration budget, we always report high-quality and famous latex paint to our guests, such as Nippon or Dulux. As soon as the customer signs the contract, we often purchase materials on behalf of him when the work is busy. We directly wipe the old paint can with Tianna water. After wiping, we don't look carefully like a new can, and then install cheap miscellaneous latex paint. After giving the customer a symbolic look, we start spraying. Eight out of ten times, we pass the test smoothly

sometimes we will meet serious guests and propose to buy latex paint with us. At this time, we will implement another plan: when we go to the building materials market with the guests, we will seriously help them bargain and choose the color. After the paint barrels are transported back to the decoration place, the opportunity comes, because the guests are unlikely to stare at the decorated house all the time. Once only our own people are there, Just pour out the good brand paint and transport it back to the building materials market. Many latex paint shops have a long-term cooperative relationship with us, and they are responsible for recycling. As for the guest's wall, of course, we still use very ordinary paint to cope with it

Mr. Yang gave us a rough estimate: Nippon mid-range latex paint is about 400 yuan a barrel, while many miscellaneous paints can buy a large barrel for 70 yuan. A 120 square meter house needs 3 to 4 barrels of latex paint on average, and the price difference can reach more than 1000 yuan

he said: I eat this bowl of rice myself, and I didn't want to expose my family's ugliness, but this money makes people uncomfortable. I think too much and always have nightmares, so I tell this joke today, hoping to remind people who want to decorate the house that they can't save trouble. When buying latex paint, they must be there and keep an eye on it. Of course, most formal decoration companies will not do anything in this link, but for some street decoration teams in particular, we should be vigilant. After buying back the latex paint, you should put it in the place kept by yourself, and then take it to the decoration team directly on the wall when the decoration progress to painting. This method is a little troublesome, but it works very well





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