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First of all, we should carefully understand our own house structure, measure the actual area and draw a detailed structural diagram. Mainly to understand the specific layout (including reasonable changes to the original structure) and the total decoration cost (including the price of materials and labor costs) can have a general idea of how to decorate your house. The specific preparations are as follows:

I. capital preparation:

generally speaking, the total cost of decoration should be 10% to 20% of the house price

II. Material budget and cost allocation:

at present, people are based on the pursuit of comfort. The reasonable allocation proportion of material costs is: bathroom and cupboard account for 45%, hall 35%, bedroom 20%

III. preparation for construction period:

take two rooms and one living room as an example. Under normal circumstances, the construction period is about 30 days. If some other factors are included, such as changing the design scheme, it will be at most 40 days

IV. professional knowledge preparation:

before home decoration, we should make a certain accumulation of professional knowledge

v. Market Research:

L. investigation of basic price

home decoration is an economic activity, and price is an important factor. In terms of design and construction prices, families also need to have a preliminary understanding in order to know well and cope freely in decoration operation

2. Survey of market conditions

have a comprehensive understanding of the situation of the home decoration market. You should go to professional institutions, units or organizations, such as decoration associations, decoration service centers, etc




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