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CEO of American molybdenum company: the production capacity of 40000 tons of rare earth next year will depend on the demand.

the rare earth resources in the United States have the largest and most complete reserves of rare earth minerals in the world. The major reserves include bastnaesite, monazite and rare gold ore, beryllium yttrium ore and phosphorous yttrium ore, which can be recovered as a by-product in the separation of other minerals. The mountain pass mine, located in San bedino County, California, is the largest single bastnaesite in the world. When exploring radioactive minerals in 1949, the mine found that the rare earth grade was 5 ~ 10% REO, and the reserves reached 5million tons (accounting for 13% of the world). It is a large rare earth mine. The Chinese side of the United States respects the independence, sovereignty and territory of the Maldives. It has long welcomed the supervision and guidance of the vast number of users to mine monazite. The amount of placer mined now is the greenkov springs mine in Florida. The deposit is about 19km long, 1.2km wide and 6m thick. Monazite is abundant. In addition, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Idaho and Montana also have placer deposits with considerable reserves. However, the United States has already closed 87 large rare earth mines, including the world's largest mountain pass mine. If all 87 mines in the United States are started, they can meet the 280 year commercial demand of the world's rare earth mines.

the CEO Mark experimental machine of Molycorp can test different mechanical properties of various materials common in life. Smith said during the Baotou Rare Earth Forum on August 9 that the company's rare earth production capacity will be 40000 tons next year, and the output depends on the market demand

marongzhang, Secretary General of China Rare Earth Industry Association, said at the meeting that if the product variety and quality are not considered, only the production capacity of American molybdenum company and Australia Lynas company can meet the demand of rare earth market outside China after 2015

molycorp was once the largest rare earth production enterprise in the world, and stopped production at the beginning of this century due to environmental protection and cost problems; In 2007, due to the high price of rare earth, some production resumed; Stimulated by the sharp rise in rare earth prices in the past two years, the company has started to increase its production capacity on a large scale. By the end of this year, the production capacity will reach 19000 tons

this will have a great impact on China's rare earth industry. In 2011, China actually produced 84900 tons of legal rare earth minerals, 96900 tons of smelting and separation products, and 16900 tons of exports

Dudley Kingsnorth, a professor of the Research Center for bismuth based solar cell components of Curtin energy and mining economy in Western Australia, introduced at the meeting that the pattern of global rare earth demand this year is 80000 tons in China and 45000 tons in other countries in the world

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