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As a green package with high quality and low price, paper product packaging is becoming a rapidly developing industry in the national economy, and will also meet the opportunities and challenges brought by China's entry into the WTO. Experts predict that the output of paper packaging products in China will reach 13million tons this year, 20million tons in 2005 and 306.4 tons in 2010. The electrical equipment of the experimental machine should be guaranteed: million tons

since the reform and opening up, the total output value of China's packaging industry has grown at a rate of more than 20%, from 8billion yuan in the early 1980s to 180billion yuan in 1998. Among them, the output of paper packaging products accounts for more than 50% of the output of various packaging products, and corrugated boxes account for about 75% of the output of paper packaging products. Take corrugated boxes as an example. Since its inception in the 1960s, China has more than 1200 corrugated board (carton) production lines, including about 400 production lines from the United States, Japan and Taiwan, China province of China, accounting for about 1/3 of the production lines, and has formed a carton processing and production capacity of more than 200billion square meters

looking at the overall situation, China's carton production lines are mainly at the medium and low levels, and there are too many processing and forming equipment. First, the supply of production capacity exceeds the demand; Second, the processing cost of the products is on the high side with the warming of the temperature, lacking the market competitiveness; In addition, the matching of raw materials - paper and paperboard can not catch up with the requirements of market changes in time, especially the shortage of high-quality low gram weight carton board and high-strength corrugated base paper, which has affected the quality of cartons to a certain extent. According to statistics, China's import of packaging paper and paperboard accounts for about half of the total demand in recent years

experts participating in the 2000 China International Paper Industry Expo and the 2001 national paper order fair believe that in the coming period, the scale of China's paper product packaging and processing enterprises will be large, medium and small at the same time. In the long run, large and medium-sized enterprises must be the main ones, and medium and high-speed and wide-ranging processing equipment must be the main ones. It can be predicted that the packaging market will leave great room for the development of the papermaking and paper product packaging industries in terms of both quantity and quality. For example, the packaging of frozen food and fruit and vegetable food requires cartons to be moisture-proof and fresh-keeping, with sufficient strength in high humidity environment; In order to publicize and beautify products, the grade of commodity packaging and decoration will have new pursuit with the improvement of consumption level; In order to protect the environment, improve human living conditions, save energy, materials and reduce transportation costs, the raw materials of cartons - packaging paper and paperboard are required to develop in the direction of low weight, high strength, multi-color and suitable for multi-color printing

China's accession to the WTO is imminent, and its import and export trade will grow rapidly, which has brought new opportunities for the further development of the papermaking and paper product packaging industry. We must face the domestic and foreign paper products packaging market and meet new challenges

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