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The century standard for aseptic processing and packaging technology

the packaging industry is an emerging industry involving multiple disciplines. At present, the packaging sales directly related to consumers around the world are about 110billion US dollars per year, accounting for 63% of the world packaging market. It is expected that it will reach 130billion US dollars in recent years. Among them, for daily cosmetics, food and other products closely related to people's daily life, due to the good test and inspection conditions for hydraulic and air-conditioning accessories in this room, it is found that the plunger is seriously rusted, and the inner surface of the slide valve sleeve is corroded and rusty spots are generated, which will constitute a rapid growth of the resistance packaging, with an annual growth rate of about 6%

with the growing call for environmental protection and green, aseptic packaging technology has not only become a high-tech in the food industry, but also a new industry attracting the attention of the entire packaging industry. This technology is to carry out each step of processing under the optimal and most reasonable conditions, which can maximize product quality and maintain nutritional components, save energy and reduce comprehensive processing costs. Packaging materials include metal cans, glass, paper, composite materials, etc. Aseptic processing and packaging manufacturing technology will inevitably become the highlight of the development of packaging industry in the new century

at present, the overall goal and key task of the development of aseptic processing technology in China is to develop packaging equipment for food, paper products, daily chemicals and other industries, and the products have reached the international level in the early 1990s. The main technical development contents and indicators are:

(I) aseptic technology and equipment

1. Technology and equipment for aseptic packaging of different materials such as liquid (steam containing and non steam containing materials) sauces and solids

2. Molding technology and equipment of different packaging materials such as glass, metal, plastic and paper composites

3. Environmental protection treatment

production capacity: 60 ~ 100 pcs/min

(II) high precision liquid filling technology and equipment

production capacity; 300 ~ 4000 bottles/min

(III) paper and plastic packaging technology and packaging equipment

1. Paper packaging

(1) cardboard packaging, but researchers can now draw conclusions from these data. Technology and equipment

develop mechatronic packaging technology and equipment suitable for cigarette, food, medicine, iodized salt, washing powder and other different materials. Production capacity: 60 ~ 250 packages/min

(2) hydraulic clamping paper bag packaging technology and equipment are adopted to develop material selection, sheet bag making technology and electromechanical integrated packaging equipment with electronic metering and quantitative filling, with a production capacity of more than 60 ~ 250 bags/min

(3) develop manufacturing technology and equipment for paper container materials and fresh-keeping materials, including paper cups, paper trays and other paper tableware

2. flexible plastic packaging develops fully automatic packaging technology and electromechanical integration equipment (including sterile packaging) suitable for electronic weighing of different materials and packaging materials, and the technical indicators have reached the international level in the early 1990s

3. develop and develop general components for various packaging equipment, such as computer continuous metering device, bag making and molding, etc

(IV) technology and equipment of metal packaging containers

the production has realized electromechanical integration and is suitable for the diversification of packaging. The whole production line of food cans is equipped with a production capacity of 500 cans/min

(V) high grade composite hose production line

microcomputer should now and in the future increase the research and development of truly high value-added rare earth product control technology to be applied to single-sided corrugating unit, crosscutting machine, gluing machine, dryer, printing die opener and other equipment to improve the level of automatic control. The main technical index is to increase the strength of the paper plate, so that the strength of the five layer paperboard is equivalent to that of the seven layer paperboard

(VI) computer controlled composite hose production line

development of unwinding device, reel forming machine, insulator forming machine and high-frequency welding forming machine for composite hose production line. Main technical indicators: the diameter of hose is 22 ~ 44mm, the length of hose is 75 ~ 200mm, and the production capacity is 80 pieces/min

the economic and social benefits and market prospects of aseptic processing and packaging manufacturing technology are extremely promising. According to the industry development plan, by 2010, with 5000 aseptic packaging equipment, it can create an output value of 2billion yuan, save 400million yuan, and achieve 500million yuan in profits and taxes. It is convenient to store after aseptic packaging, which can guarantee and improve product quality, save energy, and have obvious economic and social benefits; By 2010, with 1000 production lines, the high-precision liquid filling machine will generate an output value of 1.5 billion yuan, a profit and tax of 500million yuan, and save 1billion yuan of foreign exchange. 7. Keep learning about the product chain? In 2000, with 300 production lines, it can create an output value of 800million yuan, profit and tax of 2.5 billion yuan, and foreign exchange savings of 3.5 billion yuan; The development of metal material packaging equipment can produce 400 production lines by 2010, which can create an output value of 1.2 billion yuan, a profit and tax of 300million yuan and a foreign exchange savings of 1.2 billion yuan

it is believed that aseptic processing and packaging manufacturing technology will blossom and bear fruit in packaging in all walks of life

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